Hitachi Bulks up in Robotic SI with New Buyout

Hitachi Ltd. has signed a stock purchase agreement to acquire all shares of MA micro automation GmbH from MAX Management GmbH. The acquisition involves EUR 71.5M million.  MA micro automation is a leading provider of robotic and automation technology (robotic SI). These include high-speed linear handling systems, high-precision assembly lines, and high-speed vision inspection technology. It serves Europe, North America, and Southeast Asian markets. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2024, pending completion of the customary regulatory filings.

After completing the acquisition, MA micro automation will join JR Automation Technologies, LLC.. JR Automation is a market leader in providing advanced automation solutions and digital technologies in the robotic system integration business. Primarily, this step would expand for expand the company’s global presence on top of North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Centauri-IVD Platform

Strengthen Automation Leadership

Mainly, MA micro automation is a technology leader for automation solutions within micro-assembly. It owns state-of-the-art proprietary high-speed and high-precision automation know-how. Combined with unique optical image inspection capabilities, MA micro automation serves high-growth med-tech automation end-markets. Primarily, it covers the production, assembly, and testing of medical and optical components including contact lenses, IVD and diabetes diagnostics consumables, and injection molding for medical use. The company was established in 2003 through a carve-out from Siemens*1, and since 2013 has been part of the MAX Automation group.

Meanwhile, JR Automation is a leading provider of intelligent automated manufacturing technology solutions. Particularly, it serves customers across the globe in a variety of industries including automotive, life sciences, e-mobility, consumer and industrial products. With over 20 locations between North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, it offers nearly 185,806 sq.m of available build and engineering floorspace. Specifically, this acquisition allows JR Automation to further grow and strengthen the company’s geographical footprint. Also, it strengthens their commitment to expand support capabilities within the European region and medical market vertical.

“MA micro automation provides engineering, build and support expertise. It has established capabilities in complex vision applications, high-speed and high-precision automation technologies. When integrated with JR Automation’s uniform global process and digital technologies, this partnership will further enhance our ability to deliver added value and support to all of our customers worldwide and continue to grow our capabilities in the medical market,” says Dave DeGraaf, CEO of JR Automation. “As we integrate this new dimension, impressive talents and abilities of the MA micro automation team we further enhance our ability to serve our customers. This creates a more robust and globally balanced offering.”

Total Seamless Automation

With this acquisition, Hitachi aims to further enhance its ability to provide a “Total Seamless Solution*2“. Specifically, this aims to connect manufacturer’s factory floors seamlessly and digitally with their front office data. Thus, it allows them to achieve total optimization and bringing Industry 4.0 to life. Also, this “Total Seamless Solution” strategy links organizations’ operational activities. Among them include engineering, supply chain, and purchasing to the plant floor and allows for real time, data-driven decision-making that improves the overall business value for customers.

Total Seamless Solution framework

Kazunobu Morita, Vice President and Executive Officer, CEO of Industrial Digital Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd. says, “We are very pleased to welcome MA micro automation to the Hitachi Group. The team, based in Europe, provides robotic SI to global medical device manufacturing customers with its high technological capabilities. We will join forces with JR Automation and Hitachi Automation to strengthen our global competitiveness. Hitachi aims to enhance its ability to provide value to customers and grow alongside them. It will leverage its strengths in both OT, IT, including robotic SI, and “Total Seamless Solution” through Lumada*3‘s customer co-creation framework.”

Joachim Hardt, CEO MA micro automation GmbH, says, “Following the successful establishment and growth of MA micro automation within the attractive automation market for medical technology products, we are now opening a new chapter. Our partnership with Hitachi will not only strengthen our global competitive position, but we will also benefit from joint technological synergies and a global market presence.  We look forward to a synergistic partnership with Hitachi and JR Automation.”

*1 “Siemens” is a registered trademark or trademark of Siemens Trademark GmbH & Co. KG in the U.S. and other countries.

*2 “Total Seamless Solution” is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. in the U.S., and Japan.

*3 Lumada: A collective term for solutions, services and technologies based on Hitachi’s advanced digital technologies for creating value from customers’ data accelerating digital innovation.

-29 April 2024-