Teikoku Tsushin to Soar R&D Grit in Office Rebuilding

Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. (NOBLE) announced a major reconstruction of its head office building in Kawasaki in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture. Accordingly, the refurbished head office scheduled for completion in 2027 will have enhanced capabilities and will embody sustainability.

The company will rebuild the head office with no expected disruptions to its operations.

Gives Weight on Sustainability

NOBLE envisions the newly refurbished office to have enhanced capabilities and will invest heavily on human resources. Specifically, the new head office will combine research and development works and head office functions after the renovation.

“It will be a base for development that brings together intellectual property and technology. Moreover, it will be a base for human resource development for the NOBLE Group,” said the company in a statement.

Meanwhile, the refurbished head office will be a mix of “evolution, deepening, and change”. This as the new head office will be rolled to only one building for more efficient connectivity. Thus, aiming to achieve a comfortable, lively, and pleasant work environment.

The mix use R&D and head office functions will have approximately 2,000sqm. of steel-framed, four-story building area. On the other hand, the total floor area is 8,200sq.m.

When erected, the new building will feature energy-saving measures. Specifically, it aims to reduce primary energy consumption by 50 percent or more relative to benchmark primary energy consumption.

Offers High Quality Electronics Components

Currently, the head office is now over 50 years old. The plan to rebuild coincides with the company’s 80th anniversary.

Since 1944, Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo has strived to improve upon the development and manufacturing of electronic components found in everyday products like home appliances, healthcare devices, and automotive, through our manufacturing of electronic components.

It started as an in-house design and manufacturing. Since then, it continued to refine and grow its core technologies. Specifically, helping to enable material research, design, equipment construction, and mass production.

NOBLE aims to contribute to the development of a richer society by always offering high-quality electronic component manufacturing services. Particularly, in ways that will satisfy customers around the world.