Infineon Shows Grit in AI With its Innovative MCUs

For many years now, Infineon has been actively shaping the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, it has been leveraging AI for almost all areas of its business.

During its recent online media forum, Nico Kelling, Vice President and Head of AI Centre of Excellence at Infineon said the company has been driving the AI revolution. In fact, over the years, it does not only use AI, but it also powers AI and provides and enables AI.

Infineon at the core of Edge AI

“What used to be a dream is becoming reality…We bring AI to the edge to enable our customers to differentiate with new solutions and features,” said Kelling.

End-to-End Technology Solutions

Kelling said, there have been several factors driving AI processing at the edge. Most importantly, the need for real-time requirements, power efficiency, security, and privacy all point to having AI at the edge.

Nico Kelling, Vice President and Head of AI Centre of Excellence at Infineon

Kelling noted Infineon has been at the core of Edge AI. With its wide range of technology solutions for every level of AI knowledge.

“Infineon’s complementary set of AI-specific products and solutions, an end-to-end ML platform as well as extensive application knowledge and a broad network of experienced AI partners allows our customers to get their AI application to market quickly – without having to be a proven AI expert,” said Kelling.

“Infineon offers end-to-end technology solutions for the AI market entry of our customers.”

Specifically, Imagimob, an Infineon company, helps customers put their Edge AI applications into production. Imagimob Studio, a development platform for machine learning on edge devices. Moreover, it also offers several Ready Models for companies who don’t want to develop machine learning models from scratch.

Thus, Infineon’s advanced technological solutions allow a wide range of Edge AI applications. For example, its Aurix TC4x PPU empowers the e-Drivetrain of the future for best-in-class system efficiency and cost innovation. Next, Infineon’s power electronics expertise also helps predict life cycle, anomaly detection, and performance optimization in power converters in industrial AI.

Moreover, the company also democratizes AI by bringing the computational power of AI algorithms in IoT and other consumer devices.

“So why are Infineon’s AI solutions a perfect fit for our customers? (We enable) our customers to develop their own AI applications by providing world-leading semiconductor products, software, tools, and services.”

Endless Opportunities for AI

Meanwhile, Steve Tateosian, Senior VP for Microcontroller for IoT, Compute & Wireless at Infineon, making edge AI easy needs reliable microcontroller and software solutions.

“Our comprehensive AI hardware and software portfolio enables easy development and implementation into various applications,” said Tateosian.

Steve Tateosian, Senior VP for Microcontroller for IoT, Compute & Wireless at Infineon

Infineon’s latest PSOC Edge is a fully integrated MCU supported with comprehensive system design tools and software. Most importantly, the next-generation machine-learning enhanced sensing offers low power, secured, and advanced high-performance HMI.

What’s more, Tateosian said customers can have customized machine learning on PSOC Edge MCU with the help of Imagimob Studio and Modus Toolbox solutions.

“With the seamless integration of Imagimob Studio and ModusToolbox companies can build and deploy robust machine learning models. When paired with PSOC Edge, companies can optimize power consumption and improve efficiency while adding intelligence to products,” said Tateosian.

Moreover, the PSOC Edge also supports multiple audio and vision AI capabilities.

“Our PSOCTM Edge in combination with our ModusToolbox and

Imagimob solutions offer endless opportunities to utilize AI…By ensuring ease of use, high performance, and short time-to-market, we optimize the development and usage of our solutions,” said Tateosian.

31 May 2024