Rockwell's New Industrial Data Centers to Surge DX

Rockwell Automation has introduced its enhanced Industrial Data Centers (IDCs). Specifically, the company sees the enhanced version to meet the evolving needs of operational technology (OT) environments.

The newest generation of IDC offers a flexible, scalable compute solution for medium-to-large-sized businesses interested in streamlined data collection and storage, with a goal of plant floor virtualization. Accordingly, the IDC Gen 4.0 now offers on-cloud backup through Veeam Software. Moreover, it also comes with reduced server footprint, improved physical security, and an industrial-rated design. Thus, geared towards harsh environments.

Rockwell Automation has introduced enhancements to its industrial data centers line to meet the evolving needs of operational technology (OT) environments.

Provides Manufacturers Industry-Leading Expertise

Generally, manufacturers need a way to securely collect and store critical data. However, they may lack the skillset to deploy and maintain the necessary technology.

Automation’s operational technology (OT) managed services can help ease the load of data center management. Therefore, allowing in-house engineering and information technology (IT) teams to focus on other high-priority business objectives.

In addition, the IDC Gen 4.0, paired with Rockwell Automation OT managed services, provides access to industry-leading expertise. Furthermore, it enables manufacturers to achieve lower cost of ownership, increased productivity and ease of management.

Realizing Benefits of Plant Floor Virtualization

Modern applications are critical to the success of digital business and are becoming more numerous and data intensive. Thus, data center networks must be automated and architected. This will help in providing increased performance, scalability, and security. Rockwell Automation has provided a white paper to learn:

  • The benefits of a modern data center, which includes faster provisioning, more agile operations, and Zero Trust security.
  • How to design a data center network that can handle the high-volume traffic demands of modern applications.
  • How to reduce the number of security appliances at the network border to simplify the security architecture and reduce costs.

Manufacturers looking for a data center and a partner to support their digital transformation efforts have many different options. Thus, knowing what to look for can help manufacturers choose the best data center and partner for its current and future industrial needs.

17 June 2024