Denka to Hook up with CARBON FLY in New Investment

Denka Company Limited has infused investments in CARBON FLY, Inc., a Japanese startup company developing carbon nanotubes (CNT). The investment was made through a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund jointly managed with Pegasus Tech Ventures.

CARBON FLY manufactures nanocarbon materials and their related products, mainly carbon nanotubes, using acetylene as a raw material.

As a result of the investments, Denka has considered collaboration with CARBON FLY.


CARBON FLY possesses the technological capabilities of producing multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Specifically, they feature high purity, uniformly controlled size, and ease of processing based on its proprietary manufacturing method. The company envisions social implementation of the products in a wide variety of applications.

CNT Film
CNT film
CNT fiber

Joint Development Partnership

Through the company’s investment in CARBON FLY, Denka will establish a development partnership involving proprietary DENKA BLACK®. Mainly, they target joint development to improve its performance of lithium-ion battery applications.

In the future, Denka will also support CARBON FLY in its manufacturing technology in developing carbon nanotubes from carbon dioxide as a raw material. Thereby, it aims to establish a sustainable supply chain for lithium-ion batteries.

Based on its Mission 2030 management plan, Denka set up the CVC fund in January last year to promote the creation of new businesses through investment in and/or tie-up with global startups possessing cutting-edge technologies. Specifically, it had planned approximately US$100 million of capital spending for initiatives through CVC by FY2030.

Moreover, the company will continue contributing to people’s daily lives and society by applying its world-class chemistry know-how based on the Purpose of Mission 2030: “Make the world a better place as specialists in chemistry.”

-27 June 2024-