FANUC Advances Automation with New Machines

FANUC Corporation has released two new ROBOMACHINE products – FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S15iB electric injection molding machine and FANUC ROBOCUT α-C800iC wire electrical discharge machine.


Mainly, the ROBOSHOT α-S15iB features a clamping force of 15 tons. This is an addition to the ROBOSHOT α-SiB Series, which is FANUC’s latest electric injection molding machine.

The new model employs an injection unit with a speed of 800mm/s unit. Also, screw diameters from Φ14 to Φ18 are available, contributing to stable molding of minute precision moldings such as precision connectors.

Also, a 21.5-inch wide display unit, PANEL iH Pro, is applied, which significantly enhances usability.

FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S15iB electric injection molding machine

The new ejector protection function is capable of automatically setting monitoring range of the ejector load. This function is highly sensitive to detecting abnormal load on the ejector and prevents ejector pin’s damage due to overfilling, which is a major challenge in precision connector molding.

Moreover, the α-S15iB complies the international safety standard ISO 20430:2020 (JIS B 6711:2021) for horizontal injection molding machines.

With the addition of α-S15iB, the lineup of the ROBOSHOT α-SiB Series is now complete having models with 15-ton to 450-ton clamping force.


The ROBOCUT α-CiC series, which is FANUC’s latest wire electrical discharge machine, includes the large α-C800iC as a new addition.

With an X-axis travel of 800mm and a Y-axis travel of 600mm, the α-C800iC is optimal for machining large molds and parts. Additionally, a Z-axis travel of 500mm is available as an option for machining thick workpieces.

FANUC ROBOCUT α-C800iC wire electrical discharge machine

Similar to the already released α-C400iC and C600iC, the α-C800iC is capable of high-speed and ensures outstanding precision in machining. This is possible with its exceedingly rigid body structure along with the latest discharge unit and discharge control.

FANUC has elevated the discharge control, iPulse3, to the next level of machining accuracy. Specifically, it optimized discharge control and EDM technologies, such as uninterrupted machining of small-radius corners and nozzle opening condition.

Also, the highly reliable automatic wire feeding system, AWF3, allows continuous unmanned operation for a long period of time. In addition, with its simple structure, the automatic wire feeding mechanism has excellent maintainability. The success rate for threading wire is exceptional, and high stability is ensured for a long time.

With the high-performance display unit, PANEL iH Pro, the drawing time is reduced by 75%. Operations are intuitive to improve ease-of-use, for example, adjustments in machining speed and corner/approach points has become simpler.

The addition of α-C800iC to the compact α-C400iC and medium-sized α-C600iC in the ROBOCUT α-CiC Series, completes the lineup.

-28 June 2024-