Citizen Electronics Sets Sights on Sensor Business

Japan-based Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on sensors by making the best use of its specialty precision processing technology.

The company participated in an exhibition held in Tokyo in October and offered the sensors’ high technical capabilities.

Citizen Electronics introduces sensors at an exhibition in Tokyo.

The company exhibited its small 3D tactile sensors, high-speed response humidity sensors, and pressure-sensitive sensors. Each product showcased their potential for various application fields. The company generated the opinions of visitors on its products.

Compact 3D Tactile Sensor

The small 3D tactile sensor detects minute pressures. The company placed three sensor elements in the core and sealed it with an elastomer with a diameter of 2.1mm. The sensor can detect forces and loads from various directions. The developed product can be provided in a small size by mounting the element on a 5mm square sensor chip.

Sensor demonstration

During a product demonstration at the exhibition, the waveforms detected by the three elements were combined. Then, the direction and amount of applied pressure were displayed on a monitor.

The sensor is expected to be used in a wide range of fields, such as skin quality checks, robot hands, smart agriculture, wearables, amusement, and health care.

A joint research by the company with Ritsumeikan University and Niigata University will yield the core sensor technology and packaging technology. The research is expected to realize optimal performance of the elements.

The company will utilize its unique precision processing technology in the future development of wide range of sensor products.