LG's OLED TVs at Center of Consumers' Life Style

LG Electronics opens CES2022 online media day with its long sought-after them of how to better serve consumers for their better life, taking wraps off a variety of user-friendly home entertainment and home appliance products,

Designed to deliver innovations in user experiences, all of these brand-new digital gadgets are smart enough to constantly update their functions depending on changes in consumers’ usage patterns or lifestyle.

At the online press conference held on Jan 4, William (Joon Wan) Cho, CEO with LG Electronics said, “The world is slowly and surely regaining the sense of normalcy, we are all facing important questions. Are we returning to normal, old way of doing things, or move forward with something better. LG continues to pursue innovation for better life. This year, we want to share with you along with our latest innovative products and solutions, stories about “Better Life You Deserve”

Catching eyes are its 2022 OLED TV line-up, all of which are going beyond what traditional TVs are meant for.

Lined up from 97-inch, the world’s largest in kind to 42-inch, the world’s smallest OLED TV, all the 2022 OLED TV line-up are interactive with TV viewers to double as live concert and opera theater, game, fitness and remote healthcare platform;

For one thing, its built-in “Live Now” app allows viewers to watch live concerts, shows, and operas on TVs, and if you activate a “share experience and watch together” feature, you can chat with your family members or friends while watching shows or concerts together.

You can also play dancing practices like superstars mimicking dancing gestures if you log on 1Million Home Dance studio. If you are game-enthusiasts, LG TV can transform into a powerful gaming platform, allowing you to enjoy cloud-based gaming on the TV screen

Home fitness is also available on the TV line-up, as its built-in fitness app, the first ever of its kind, allow you to watch a myriad of fitness videos, and access AI coaching and personal training data management system. The TV-line-up also comes built with famous fitness app Pelaton, enabling you to gain accesses to more fitness feature.

LG also works in syn with Independa to allow you to get tele healthcare services like medication alert and virtual consultations with medical professionals.

The new OLED TV line-up includes 11 models that ranges from 42 inches to 48 inches to 55 inches to 65 inches to 77 inches to 83 inches to 97-inches. All these models are built with eco-friendlier OLED Evo panel, which is a new generation of OLED panel technology.      

Smart OLED TVs; All-in-One Solution for Your Life

LG has lined up new OLED TVs from 42-inches up to 97-inches

Equally smart are its PuriCare AeroTower air purifier that can multiply functions as fans and heaters for 4 season modes. As an air-purifier, it can capture 99.97% of fine dust of up to 0.3 micro with a 360-degree HEPA filter.  

Alongside that, LG’s own indigenous Nano technology can capture airborne bacteria, providing fresh air.

In the summer season, it can double as an air-purifying fan that can purify home air, while work as a heater for winter season.

LG also unveils an array of smart home appliances that work on AI algorithm, including AI-driven washers and dryers and refrigerators.

Working in sync with LG’s newly-upgraded ThinQ app, these AI-built-in home appliances are smart enough to allow you to customize all functions around your lifestyle.

Let’s take an example. These devices can learn and regularly update just like smartphones to offer new features to perfectly fit into your new way of living, evolving on themselves in accordance with changes needs of consumers.

These devices learn your behavior and analyze daily usage patterns to upgrade features to make your life ever better.

Starting from 2022, LG ‘s all home appliances from washers and dryers to AeroTower air purifier can work in such smart way to understand and update their features according to users’ favorite usage patterns.

LG’s love affairs with use experiences doesn’t stop there. LG unveils LG OMNI POD, a conceptual mobility solution that can extend users’ personal living experiences even into cars. The OMNIPOD is a sort of digital car dashboard that include instrumental cluster, infotainment system, and even car navigation that allows users to enjoy a variety of user experiences in cars in the way that they do at home.

Other highlights include LG’s CLOi GuideBot and CLOi Servicebot, and a  136-inch mammoth 4K micro-LED TV.