Yamaha Motor Robots Strike Balance Between Cost, Reliability

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has expanded its Robonity Series of single-axis robots with the introduction of the ABAS basic model and the AGXS advanced model as well as the EP-01 robot positioner set. The company’s Robonity, a play on “robot” and “infinity”, expresses a series with a rich array of variations.

Highlighting greater usability, the new models come with improved operability and supports industrial internet of things (IIoT) requirements, maintaining high quality features and longer life cycle that have been developed through the company’s vast experience in robot development for the last 40 years.

In addition, the newly developed EP-01 robot positioner serves as a controller for the ABAS/AGXS models, achieving both reliability and improved functionality and at lower price points.

Yamaha Motor expands Robonity Series portfolio.

Compact Yet Highly Rigid

While inheriting the characteristics of the motorless LBAS and LGXS single-axis actuators released in March 2019, the new models have abundant lead lengths and stroke variations and higher rigidity and accuracy. Customers are also able to select from a wider range of different models in this line up to suit their requirements.

The ABAS basic model integrates the guide rail and frame. It is compact yet highly rigid. The AGXS advanced model, meanwhile, uses ground ball screws as standard, creating high-precision models that also deliver high reliability and durability. Usage in clean environments is now also possible as standard, simply by connecting piping and applying suction.

With a wide variety of lead lengths and strokes, users can choose the specifications that best suit specific needs. As it supports up to 1,450mm, it can also be used in long-distance transportation.

In addition, outstanding usability and area productivity can also be improved by combining it with the EP-01 robot positioner, whose form factor has been scaled down. The robot positioner also comes with Ethernet ports as standard equipment, supporting industrial Ethernet. Despite the low price, the functions have been greatly expanded compared to conventional models, this helps provide excellence in cost performance.

Yamaha Motor develops and manufactures a variety of industrial robots necessary for automated production lines, with its wide product range featuring single-axis robots, SCARA robots, articulated robots, and linear conveyors. By expanding the lineup of the Robonity Series, Yamaha Motor is working to provide the optimal solution for a broader range of automation requirements.