Multitask Machines Cut Tools, Space in Production Floor

FUJI Corporation has developed GYROFLEX T4000, a robot-equipped multitasking machine, bringing together the company’s sophisticated technologies in cutting and automation of machine tools.

For the past years, the manufacturing industry had to deal with production challenges that have been hampering productivity in the manufacturing floor. To address this issue, FUJI has proposed the GYROFLEX T4000 as a solution to address these challenges with its built-in characteristics anchored on flexibility, automation, and versatility.

GYROFLEX T4000 multitasking machine


The GYROFLEX T4000 has been developed targeting medium-volume and high-mix production markets to meet the growing demand for process consolidation and the ability to respond to production fluctuations in the market.

FUJI specializes in building turnkey solutions and lines including chucks and peripherals, which greatly contributes to improving production capacity at mass production sites. With the addition of the GYROFLEX to its product portfolio, the company is now able to offer improved processes that also contributes to the consolidation and reduction of machines and floor space.

Sees Future Development

The GYROFLEX T4000 comes with a width of 8,040mm and height of 3,530mm with recommended work size of φ300×150 mm. It comes with a robot as a standard equipment and can store 40 tools in the tool magazine while 15 tools, including rotary tools, can be mounted on the turret.

The work spindles of the same capacity are placed opposite to each other and a 10-inch class chuck can be mounted on the work spindle.

FUJI said it will continue to develop the GYROFLEX Series to meet the changing needs of the market.