How Hitachi's New 5G Routers Can Benefit Industries

Hitachi Energy Ltd. has introduced 5G-capable TRO600 Series wireless routers.  Accordingly, the routers will help industries and utilities achieve reliable and resilient mission-critical operations.

With the integration of 5G technology, Hitachi Energy’s TRO600 Series routers enable a scalable, flexible, and secure, hybrid wireless communication architecture. Especially, a hybrid network seamlessly combines the best of public and private cellular with broadband mesh through a single network. This approach unifies communications to all devices, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable connectivity for each operational need.

Hitachi Energy’s TRO600 routers enables fast, secure, and reliable hybrid wireless network.

5G Expands Businesses

Massimo Danieli, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Automation business said the company has pioneered 5G-enabled communication devices for its industrial and utility customers. Thus, this guarantees connectivity where and when they matter the most.

He added, “5G is essential on our path to decentralize and decarbonize the energy system and to accelerate the energy transition. With 5G, businesses can further expand a data-driven approach to efficiently manage energy demand and balance the load on the grid.”

Integrating 5G connectivity in the TRO600 series ensures optimal efficiency for multiple customer use cases across smart cities, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and utility applications. The high throughput supported will drive greater adoption of virtual and augmented reality and video applications to aid operational efficiency and optimize processes. Meanwhile, the ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) allow for greater digitalization of infrastructure and scalability of mission-critical applications.

Why Hybrid Networks Matter

Hitachi Energy’s hybrid connectivity solutions can provide a combination of interoperable technologies on a single communication network. As a result, enabling applications for edge devices, mobile devices, and field networks, spanning from dense urban to ultra-rural.

In addition, a hybrid system can ensure seamless industrial communications even when specific connectivity options may be unavailable or hampered. Besides, Hitachi Energy’s TRO600 series provides robust mission-critical wired backhaul through gigabit ethernet and fiber interfaces.

In brief, 5G offers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability, enabling businesses to support this growth. It will play a vital role in scaling massive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mission-critical applications for utilities and other essential industries. Thus, reliable connectivity can increase personnel safety, future-proof adoption of applications, and provide operational efficiency.