Hon Hai Acquires arQana’s Wireless Telecom Business

arQana Technologies and Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) jointly announced the completion of the acquisition of arQana’s wireless telecommunications business and its merger with AchernarTek Inc. This development enables the birth of a global radio frequency (RF) semiconductor component supplier. It intends to support Foxconn and third-party customers in the wireless telecommunications markets, including automotive and 5G infrastructure.

Foxconn has completed the acquisition of arQana’s wireless telecommunications business.

Builds up 5G Product Development

This business transaction is a positive accomplishment for all the parties involved. It enables arQana Taiwan, arQana Belgium, and AchernarTek to continue developing their high-performance products for wireless telecommunications infrastructure. Further, it will enhance 5G sub-6GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) product developments. Moreover, this development also expands company footprints in the growing connected cars and electric vehicle (EV) market.

Shared Vision

“Foxconn is a company that shares our vision to be the brightest star in the 5G universe. This acquisition benefits enormously our customers. It will accelerate our product introductions, shorten components’ time to market, and help future growth of the business. We look forward to benefiting the whole 5G infrastructure industry with the adoption of our components and products,” said Glenn Vandevoorde, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iCana and former CEO of arQana.

“With the support of Foxconn, we will continue to use our expertise to create new products and penetrate new markets to cover the semiconductor needs of multiple industries, starting with semiconductor components for electric vehicles. Being part of the Foxconn family will also boost our ability to innovate faster, navigate the challenges, and capitalize on the opportunities of this decade,” said Vandevoorde.

iCana Brand

AchernarTek, arQana Taiwan, and arQana Belgium will now unify their operations and expertise under the new brand name iCana. The acquisition will leverage Foxconn’s current development capabilities. Further, it will strengthen the supply chain in the semiconductor industry. Under the Foxconn umbrella, iCana can share Foxconn’s new expertise and novel solutions. Thus, it will enable iCana to meet the growing market demand of 5G connected electric vehicles.

In Line with Commitment to Semiconductor Development

In line with Foxconn’s 3+3 strategy (EVs, smart healthcare, and robotics with three key technologies – new-generation communications technology, AI, and semiconductors), the acquisition of arQana Technologies’ 5G business and merger with AchernarTek is another step in Foxconn’s long-term commitment to semiconductor development.

RF semiconductors are fundamental components for connectivity in EVs. While countries across the world deploy and adopt 5G networks, new modern cars will also require new RF components to communicate with these new networks.