Emerson’s New Software Update Lifts Asset Monitoring

Emerson Electric Co. has updated its machinery health platform to enable customers to migrate to a more holistic, modern interface for condition monitoring. Moreover, new support brings data from edge analytics devices directly to key personnel inside and outside the control room.

This helps them more quickly identify and address a wide range of common equipment faults before they impact plant availability. In some industries, Emerson estimates every 1 percent gain in availability is worth US$8.4 million of additional profit margin per year.

AMS Machine Works brings together the data and information necessary for a successful condition monitoring program.

Works Seamlessly With Edge Analytics

Manufacturing plants have faced increasing shortages of experienced personnel to monitor and manage equipment reliability. Currently, 58 percent of multinational manufacturers are having difficulty acquiring skilled talent according to a 2021 study of Workforce Institute at Ultimate Kronos Group.

To help small teams make the most of limited resources, Emerson has continuously evolved AMS Machine Workscondition monitoring technologies for better diagnostics at the industrial edge. Moreover, increased connectivity to external systems provides personnel with an intuitive, holistic asset health score supported by maintenance recommendations. This helps reliability teams quickly see what is wrong and how to fix it. Nonetheless, intuitive information and alerts go directly to workstations or mobile devices to provide decision support, helping maintenance personnel make the best use of their time.

“As smaller groups of experienced reliability personnel are tasked with supporting an increasing scope of work, they need access to immediate insights and faster, more comprehensive information to prevent downtime and keep plants running at peak performance,” said Erik Lindhjem, Vice President of Reliability Solutions at Emerson.

“The newest version of AMS Machine Works seamlessly interfaces with edge analytics devices to help teams of any size stay aware of the health of all plant production assets, from critical to balance-of-plant, no matter where they may be.”

Loops Plant Support

The newest version of AMS Machine Works adds support for Emerson’s AMS Asset Monitor. To illustrate, this feature provides embedded, automatic analytics at the edge using patented PeakVue technology. In short, alerting personnel to the most common faults associated with a wide range of assets.

In addition, AMS Machine Works also supports open connectivity using the OPC UA protocol. Thus, enabling to connect to external systems such as historians, computerized maintenance management systems. This close the loop on plant support from identification to repair and documentation.