New Automation Tool Improves IoT Device Testing

Connectivity test solutions provider Teledyne LeCroy announced Thursday that their Frontline Test Services team has developed SmartTest automated testing to enhance their testing capabilities. To illustrate, SmartTest automated testing enables the most rigorous and repeatable testing possible while reducing test times and customer costs.

While estimates vary, most experts agree that the number of interconnected IoT devices is growing exponentially each year. In fact, to ensure these devices can connect seamlessly and work together, design and test engineers across markets need to perform thorough robustness and interoperability testing. This type of testing can improve product reliability, stability, data-integrity and security.

SmartTest™ Automated Testing for IoT Device Testing

Many IoT device manufacturers do not have these testing capabilities, and some find outsourced testing services to be cost prohibitive. Frontline Test Services has been one of the best sources for interoperability testing, consulting, and training services for Bluetooth, 5G, Wi-Fi, USB, ZigBee, Matter, and other connecting technologies. Now, with the adoption of SmartTest automated testing, testing is better and more affordable.

Speeds up Test Cycles

Frontline Test Services’ SmartTest automation system provides faster and consistent testing when compared with manual robustness and interoperability testing. Most importantly, the test system incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart robotics, as well as a multitude of interfaces to the devices-under-test.  

Nick Kriczky, Vice President of Services at Teledyne LeCroy said, “A person can test a Bluetooth connection by dropping and re-establishing the connection 10, 20, maybe even 30 times as part of a test routine. With SmartTest automation, we could drop and reconnect all night – perhaps thousands of times. It’s a much more robust approach to testing.”

Kircky added, “Combined with Frontline Test Services’ expert-level testing and analysis, the SmartTest automation system can speed up test cycles from years to just days. In real terms, this allows IoT device manufacturers to be more effective using their testing budget and cut down on technical support. (In addition), update releases and deliver the best quality product to their customers.”

Furthermore, the repeatable and rigorous testing available from Frontline Test Services allows engineers to uncover critical and hard-to-find issues within their IoT device designs and implementations. In addition, using SmartTest testing ensures quicker and more efficient test cycles. Most importantly, it lowers manufacturing and development costs, reduces time to market, and helps improve customer satisfaction of tested products.

Frontline Test Services offers consultancy and interoperability services to help in all stages of the product lifecycle, from specification to market launch and beyond.