AI-LINK Taps Keysight Tools, Speeds 5G in Warehouses

Keysight Technologies, Inc. confirmed AI-LINK has selected Keysight’s 5G test tools for end-to-end performance validation of cloud-native 5G radio access network (RAN) equipment in a digital twin laboratory environment. Consequently, this will accelerate 5G private network deployments for large-scale smart warehouse applications. 

Keysight has been a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions. Meanwhile, AI-LINK is a leading product and service provider focusing on the local 5G+Edge cloud market.

Based in China, AI-LINK, provides industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions, built on 5G and cloud edge computing technology platforms. For that reason, AI-LINK chose Keysight’s user equipment (UE) emulation solution (UeSIM) and LoadCore, a cloud-native 5G core (5GC) network test solution. These simulate many industrial mobile devices designed for deployment in 5G private networks.

Keysight’s solutions enabled AI-LINK to verify the function and performance of 5G RAN equipment prior to deployment in smart warehouses.

UeSIM UE Emulation Solutions

5G Spurs IIoT

Giampaolo Tardioli, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight’s Network and Operators group noted the completion of the 5G NR 3GPP Release 16 has enabled enterprises to deploy IIoT based on 5G. Furthermore, enterprises can tap these solutions in combination with digital twin, cloud, and mobile edge computing technologies.

Tardioli added Keysight’s test solutions support to AI-LINK speed the validation of 5G private network equipment in large-scale 5G intelligent warehouses.

AI-LINK used Keysight’s 5G test solutions to simulate and stress test the behavior of autonomous guiding vehicle (AGVs) used in smart warehouses. Using Keysight’s UeSIM and LoadCore, AI-LINK can verify the interoperability of the protocol domain and the radio frequency domain.

In addition, end-to-end 5G private network verification in a laboratory enables AI-LINK to efficiently and securely resolve connectivity issues in industrial scenarios. For that reason, AI-LINK can accelerate deployments of 5G private networks.

Dr. Letian Rong, Chief Marketing Officer at AI-LINK Networks said AI-LINK Networks aims to promote the implementation of 5G edge intelligence in smart warehouses and other scenarios. “AI-LINK’s close cooperation with Keysight enables us to optimize our one-stop deployment process.”

Keysight offers a comprehensive range of integrated 5G software and hardware test solutions. These enable manufacturers to accelerate design, development, standards compliance validation, and deployment of 5G RAN.