New Czech Facility Expands onsemi's SiC Capacity

Intelligent power and sensing technologies provider onsemi has started the operations of its expanded silicon carbide (SiC) fab in Roznov, Czech Republic. Particularly, the company marked this with an inaugural celebration attended by government officials and ranking officers of the company.

The facility will increase its SiC wafer production capacity by 16 times over the next two years to address the sharply increasing demand for microchips.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade Section Chief Zbyněk Pokorný led the attendees of the event, along with Governor of the Zlín Region Radim Holiš and City Mayor Jiří Pavlica. Hence, the presence of government dignitaries signified the importance of this event and manufacturing of semiconductors in the Czech Republic.

onsemi expands Roznov Silicon Carbide Fab

Series of Investments in Roznov

Starting in 2019, onsemi added SiC polished wafer and SiC epitaxy (EPI) wafer production to its existing silicon polished and epitaxy wafer and die manufacturing in Roznov. Thus, the company decided to construct a new building, which started last year. This move aims to further expand wafer and SiC EPI manufacturing.

Over the next two years, this expansion will increase the site’s SiC production capabilities by 16 times and create 200 jobs by the end of 2024. Thus far, onsemi has invested more than US$150 million in the Roznov site. In addition, it plans to spend an additional US$300 million through 2023. onsemi was recently awarded the Association for Foreign Investments (AFI) Prize for Significant Contribution in the Field of Investment for its SiC investments in the Czech Republic.

“Together with our SiC boule production expansion in Hudson, (New Hampshire), these increased SiC manufacturing capabilities enable onsemi to provide customers the critical supply assurance to meet the rapidly growing demand for SiC-based solutions,” said Simon Keeton, executive vice president and general manager Power Solutions Group at onsemi. In addition, Keeton said, “Full control over our SiC manufacturing supply chain and the market-leading efficiency of our products underscore onsemi’s progress toward SiC leadership.”

SiC is critical for enabling efficiency in electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging, and energy infrastructure and is an important contributor on the path to decarbonization.