HORIBA Europe Acquires BeXema, Beefs up Play in Energy Field

As another step in HORIBA’s strategic roadmap in support of the energy industries,HORIBA Europe GmbH has acquired BeXema GmbH. Through this acquisition, HORIBA incorporates the technologies of the electric power field into the group’s internal supply chain. This allows the company to respond to the need for increasingly complex development and test solutions driven by the growing energy industries, providing total solutions to meet the challenges of customers more quickly.

“With the acquisition of BeXema, we are significantly bringing into the group a specialized supplier of power supplies with wide range and flexibility. This is extremely valuable to our business – now we can directly meet the changing requirements in the energy industry,” says Dr. Robert Plank, President of HORIBA Europe GmbH. He emphasized this is an important strategic step for HORIBA, as it ensures their ability to respond to the growing demands of the global energy industry while remaining competitive and to further accelerate the hydrogen-related business that the HORIBA Group is promoting globally.

HORIBA FuelCon Managing Director Dr. Ingo Benecke commented, “The development of the automotive industry towards increased electro mobility and environmental conscious fuels is presenting suppliers with ever greater challenges. By acquiring BeXema, we now have an innovative manufacturer of dynamic power electronics, inverters for high-performance battery storage as well as high-voltage test equipment within the HORIBA organization. This allows us to realize new, high-performance test solutions, responding faster to customer requirements and with greater customization capability.”

Business Strategy in Energy Field

To realize a decarbonized society, it is important to utilize effective and efficient secondary energies such as electricity and hydrogen. HORIBA has set a business strategy in the energy field as one of the main pillars of its Mid-Long Term Management Plan with the target year of 2023, and is investing extensively in hydrogen-related business fields, such as fuel cells, batteries and water electrolysis.

In support of this mission, HORIBA FuelCon expanded its facility, and is in the process of constructing a new building that would beef up production capacity by three times. This new building, where BeXema will also be located, is scheduled to start operation in 2022. By strengthening the ability to supply products to the growing market, HORIBA will be able contribute to the sustainable energy network.

Additionally, the opening of HORIBA Institute for Mobility & Connectivity2 (HIMaC2) as a new research institute will provide a wide range of analysis and measurement technologies to further strengthen HORIBA’s technological base.

Photos taken at the ceremony after the signing of the acquisition agreement 
(from left to right) Laurent Fullana, President of HORIBA France S.A.S.; Robert Plank, President of HORIBA Europe GmbH; Ingo Benecke, Managing Director of HORIBA FuelCon GmbH; Hannes Benecke, Former Managing Director of BeXema GmbH; and Markus Bode, Managing Director of HORIBA Europe GmbH/ HORIBA FuelCon GmbH