Yamaichi Electronics Eyes New Expansion in Philippines

Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. has acquired parcel of lot to expand its operations in the Philippines. Particularly, Pricon Microelectronics, Inc., the group’s consolidated subsidiary in the country, will construct a new manufacturing plant from the acquired land, where the company’s third facility will rise soon.

The land acquisition cost is around ¥900 million.

Contributes to Stable Supply System

Moreover, Yamaichi Electronics’ subsidiary aims to establish a stable supply system for semiconductor test sockets. More importantly, this move aims to meet the growing global demand for semiconductors. In addition, to respond as well more quickly to diversifying customer needs for automotive, telecommunications, and industrial equipment.

Nonetheless, the company is yet to announce the construction timing and other details of the new plant.

The lot, which spans 33,696sq.m., lies in Bulihan village of Malvar town in the Philippine province of Batangas, about 70km south of Manila. Most importantly, the acquired lot is almost double the capacity of the two existing adjacent plants, which is about 18,595sq.m.

The Pricon Microelectronics facility has four main products and services. First, is the test solutions, which involves assembly of IC test and burn-in sockets for semiconductor applications. Next, the company also has connectors section, which focuses on the production of high-quality connectors for a variety of applications. This includes in-circuit electronics, high-definition multimedia interface connector, micro-SD card slot, battery holder, and flexible circuit connector. The section also handles ink-cartridge connector, burn-in board connector, test equipment connector, and car navigation system connector.

Third, the facility also has parts production section, which includes plastic modling, mold grinding, and stamping. Finally, the production plant also has Yamaichi Flex (YF) section, which focuses on the assembly of flexible circuit boards and an extension of the Yamaichi OEM connector products.