UT Aim Taps Development Centers to Boost Engineers’ Skills

UT Aim Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based UT Group Co., Ltd., has been successively opening Technology Skill Development Centers as training facilities that specialize in nurturing semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers, across Japan. In June, the company opened the Osaka Technology Skill Development Center. The UT Group has been dispatching engineers to diverse fields, including the manufacturing industry.

Training at UI Aim’s Technology Skill Development Center

       UT Aim operates a wide range of businesses involving human resources, such as large-scale dispatching of human resources who support Japan’s leading manufacturing industry, including automotive industry and electronics electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers for semiconductors; and personnel management agencies. 

       The semiconductor industry is essential to the growth of various fields, including electric vehicles (EVs), communications, industrial equipment, infrastructure, and aerospace, as well as the advancement of internet of things (IoT).  The United States, Korea, Taiwan, and China have been supporting the industry on a country level. Meanwhile, Japanese companies have exhibited strengths in manufacturing equipment for producing semiconductors both for the front-end and back-end processes. The Japanese government compiled “Strategy for Semiconductor and the Digital Industry” in June. 

Nurture Semiconductor Industry

       UT Aim has developed its businesses positioning the semiconductor field as one of main markets, and has provided industry-leading personnel services for the manufacturing industry by capturing needs of customers. 

       The opening of Technology Skill Development Centers to strengthen its capability to nurture semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers is one of priority growth strategies in the UT Group’s fourth medium-term management plan (from Mar. 2021 to end of Mar. 2025). UT Aim promotes “One-stop strategy for major manufacturing companies” to nurture and supply human resources for manufacturing. 

       In Japan, the company established centers in Iwate Prefecture in Dec. 2020, and in Mie and Kumamoto Prefectures in Mar. 2021, and the fourth center in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture. UT Aim plans to nurture 3,000 semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers in three years from 2021 at the four centers. In FY2021, it will nurture 890 engineers. 

       The skills development program is designed for trainees to acquire knowledge and improve both skills of semiconductor manufacturing equipment engineers on maintenance and inspection of equipment, and monitoring of production processes, and evaluations, analyses, and improvements of equipment.  Each course runs for 15 days of training. As trainers, the company assigns personnel who have abundant experience in the semiconductor industry and have excellent instructional and teaching skills. The centers provide trainings not only to fresh graduates and mid-career staff, but also to employees of UT AIM who have selected One UT as a system that supports career change.