Siemens New Tool Boosts Design, Manufacturing Process

Siemens Digital Industries Software has released the latest Solid Edge® software for product design, engineering and manufacturing. Evidently, the new platform brings a new streamlined user experience and greater interoperability with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. In addition, helps achieve greater capability and collaboration across many industry workflows. 

“Alongside our work to bring innovative technology and capability to each release of Solid Edge, covering everything from 3D design through advanced CAM and into technical publications,” said John Miller, Senior Vice President, Mainstream Engineering Software, Siemens.

In addition, Miller said, “We’re now introducing new licensing options designed to better meet the changing business needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers, providing greater flexibility, more value and, with Xcelerator Share, greater collaboration and speed.”

Solid Edge from Siemens was used to develop Yanu, a fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit.

Design to Manufacturing

Solid Edge’s new look and feel brings a modern update to include more intuitive ways of working, greater personalization options and improved modeling workflows. Moreover, updates to the geometry definition tools in Solid Edge include synchronous technology applied to traditional ordered history-based parts and parts created using convergent modeling (using generative design or from 3D scans). Furthermore, it also suits simulations without the need for additional conversion.

Solid Edge 2023 also unlocks the power of design data while future proofing customers’ work. This as data from Solid Edge is possible to transfer between other solutions in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, including NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) and Process Simulate. Moreover, Solid Edge 2023 also leverages Siemens’ leadership in Model Based Definition (MBD), with a new Solid Edge Advanced PMI add-on. Hence, enabling to deliver high-quality consistent dimensioning for downstream applications that can take advantage of 3D annotated product data models. 

Furthermore, the new Solid Edge Inspector add-on brings tools to automatically identify, label, and extract critical design and manufacturing characteristics for inspection and metrology purposes. It automatically generates high-quality inspection data and reports that facilitate communication in downstream manufacturing processes. 

New advanced manufacturing capabilities include new Roughing for 5-Axis Machining in Solid Edge CAM Pro, a new 4-axis Rotary Machining add-on and new wire EDM functionality. For those working at the leading edge of machining, the new Smart Machine Kits library provides easy access to standardized, professionally built machine simulation kits, enabling machinists to get up and running with full machine simulation in a fraction of the time typically needed.

Offers Flexible Licensing Option

Also introduced with Solid Edge 2023, SolidEdge SaaS brings value-based licensing combined with cloud-connected, anywhere access through Xcelerator Share. To illustrate, the new flexible licensing option available through a Solid Edge SaaS subscription enables access to integrated add-ons for generative design, point cloud visualization, electrical routing, PCB collaboration, advanced simulation and much more.

Meanwhile, it is possible to store product engineering data securely in the cloud and easily shared by teams and wider value chain, anywhere, anytime, on any device using Xcelerator Share. Applying Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to see that same data in the context of the real world is also possible.