Emerson's Automation Tools Reinforces Hydrogen Hub

Global industrial software and technology provider Emerson Electric Co. entered a multi-year agreement with BayoTech to accelerate the delivery of hydrogen around the world. Emerson will deliver advanced automation technologies, software, and products to enable BayoTech to build hundreds of hydrogen units to produce cleaner, lower-cost hydrogen.

“Across the globe, industries and organizations are searching for sustainable solutions to solve their most pressing problems,” said Mike Train, Chief Sustainability Officer of Emerson. “Emerson’s agreement with BayoTech accelerates the development and adoption of hydrogen at scale as a critical step forward in diversifying our global energy mix.”

BayoGaaS hydrogen hubs will produce and supply local hydrogen to customers.

Taps PLCs, Edge Control Technologies

BayoTech’s modular hydrogen generation units produce up to 1,000 kilograms per day, enough to fill as many as 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. BayoTech’s patented technology requires less feedstock, which means lower carbon emissions and less cost to produce hydrogen than traditional reformers.

To meet growing hydrogen demand, BayoTech is leveraging its core technology to develop 5-, 10-, and 20-ton units, which will drive further efficiencies. The unmanned and autonomous skids will use Emerson’s programmable logic controller and edge control technologies, remote monitoring, and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. BayoTech’s headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico will remotely monitor the operation of the skids.

“BayoTech plans on becoming the largest distributed hydrogen company in the world,” said Mo Vargas, CEO of BayoTech. “Emerson’s advanced technology is the right choice to support our vision of disrupting the established centralized hydrogen supply chain with a new, highly efficient model of local autonomous production hubs.”

“This agreement between BayoTech and Emerson will make hydrogen technology more accessible to more places across the world,” said Linh Austin, COO of BayoTech. “Together, we are creating a solution to lessen the carbon footprint of countless customers as we build a sustainable – and more affordable – global hydrogen supply chain.”

Photo 2 Emerson chief sustainability officer Mike Train and BayoTech CEO Mo Vargas

Stirs Innovative Automation

The building of hydrogen generation units is already underway and will be available in BayoGaaS hydrogen hubs and at customer sites throughout the United States and other global locations.

From the hubs, the company will distribute locally produced hydrogen to nearby consumers via BayoTech high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment, which can transport three times more hydrogen per trip than traditional steel tube trailers. The higher payloads translate into lower transportation costs, higher driver productivity, and less carbon emissions.

The strategic framework agreement with BayoTech supports Emerson’s commitment to creating innovative technologies and industry expertise in the rapidly developing hydrogen sector. From storing renewable energy to fueling heavy transport, climate-friendly hydrogen has several energy and non-energy uses. Harnessing hydrogen enables industries to choose clean energy as a cost-effective solution to their business needs.