Yield Engineering, Benchmark Partner in Manufacturing Support

Benchmark Electronics, Inc., a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacturing services, partners with Yield Engineering Systems (YES) to transfer the manufacturing of the YES flagship product line to its facility in Malaysia. Additionally, the partnership will provide engineering and manufacturing support for YES’s upcoming innovative modular wet process systems in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

“We have developed a strong partnership with Benchmark built on trust and our combined expertise,” said Ramakanth Alapati, Chief Executive Officer of YES. “We look forward to working closely with the team to bring our technology to a wider market. Also, it will further expand our footprint in the semiconductor capital equipment industry as the need for semiconductor manufacturing support continues to grow worldwide.”

Part of the partnership is the transfer of YES’s flagship product line manufacturing to Benchmark’s Malaysia facility.

Leveraging Expertise

YES is at the leading edge of material modification and surface enhancement solutions. Mainly, the company’s patented technologies significantly enhance the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of semiconductor production processes. Also, YES’s thermal, deposition, and wet process systems provide critical technology to semiconductor, life science, and display manufacturers large and small as they work to meet the demand for semiconductors, genomics, point of care diagnostics, and innovative displays.

Meanwhile, Benchmark’s Phoenix operation will be leveraging the company’s deep expertise in the semiconductor capital equipment market. It includes mechatronic engineering, precision machining, and sub-system assembly. Specially, the partnership comes at a critical time as the CHIPS Act has created a flurry of activity around the semiconductor industry. Moreover, demand for organizations supporting the industry has risen dramatically.

“YES is helping solve critical problems for their customers in the fast-growing semiconductor manufacturing industry,” said Jeff Benck, president and CEO, Benchmark. “We’re proud to be selected as their strategic partner and look forward to working hand-in-hand with their team to help bring their technology to market to meet the demand for semiconductor capital equipment.”