Sanmina Packs Optical, RF, Microelectronics in One Brand

Sanmina Corporation has been strengthening its focus on its extensive optical, radio frequency (RF) and microelectronics (microE) design and manufacturing capabilities. As a leading integrated manufacturing solutions company, it will capitalize on the growing demand for highly integrated technology products. The division has been formalized under a new brand called Advanced Micro Systems Technologies (AMST).

AMST now offers end-to-end solutions to high growth, high value markets, including the communications, 5G, computing, datacenter, medical, automotive  and industrial sectors, as demand for highly integrated technology products continues to grow rapidly.

Sanmina’s world-class cleanroom

Support Growing Industries

“AMST is well positioned to support growing industry demand for silicon photonics, 5G mmWave, and multi-chip packaging solutions that integrate optical, RF and mixed-signal technologies in high-density form factors,” said Mike Landy, President and Chief Operating Officer of IMS Worldwide at Sanmina.

AMST represents the culmination of more than 15 years of experience developing product and process solutions according to Landy. “We will continue making strategic investments in this area to support customer growth.”

The AMST division has product development and high-volume manufacturing capabilities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Thailand.

Eric Sislian, Vice President of the AMST division at Sanmina says integrating its leading optical, RF and microE capabilities into a cohesive ecosystem enables the company to develop compelling technology roadmaps that help its customers win in their respective markets. This is also made possible as it leverages its strengths in design, engineering and advanced global manufacturing into a comprehensive end-to-end service offering.

Packaging Expertise

Increased speed and performance requirements are driving technology needs for integration that pack highly complex, high-speed, mixed-technology solutions into dramatically smaller form factors. AMST taps Sanmina’s strong history of vertical integration expertise and end-to-end services to original equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. These include design, simulation, process and test development, prototyping, design validation, product qualification, and manufacturing across its global footprint.

Sanmina has a strong history of developing mixed technology products, integrating RF and optical technologies that utilize its microelectronic design and assembly capabilities. Extensive packaging expertise enables solutions in customer and industry defined footprints – from microelectronic packages, to small form factor subsystems and board level solutions.