Epson Broadens Lineup of High-Stability IMUs

Seiko Epson Corporation has expanded its lineup of inertial measurement units (IMU) equipped with high-performance six-axis sensors. In particular, it added a newly developed standard model M-G366PDG (M-G366) and a basic model M-G330PDG (M-G330). Product samples will begin shipping in January 2023. Meanwhile, volume production is scheduled to start in the spring of 2023.

M-G366PDG and M-G330PDG inertial measurement units

Wide Array of Applications

First launched in 2011, Epson’s IMUs have been used in an array of customer applications. They range from precision agriculture (GNSS) and drones to camera and antenna platform vibration control and stabilization. Over the years, they earned excellent reputation for outstanding performance and quality.

Epson’s lineup of IMUs includes the high-spec M-G370PDS (“M-G370S”) and M-G370PDF (“M-G370”), which provide high stability and high-precision measurement capability along with low noise. They are one-inch platforms that measure approximately one-inch along the sides. Epson added the M-G366 as a standard model and the M-G330 as a basic model to expand the options at this size.

Accurate Measurement of Movements

Primarily, M-G366 and M-G330 allow users to select an accelerometer output range of either ±8G or ±16G. In addition, they offer 0.05% non-linearity in all output ranges of the gyroscopic sensors, making it possible to accurately measure various movements, whether slow or fast.

By expanding its lineup of small, lightweight, low-power, one-inch platform products, Epson will enable customers to choose a product with the best functions and performance for their application. Moreover, they are downward compatible with the M-G370 and M-G370S, sharply reducing customer development costs and evaluation time.

Mainly, these products can be applied to unmanned vehicles, like industrial drones, terrestrial vehicles, and sea probes. These are also used in vibration damping for cameras, antennas; vibration, angle, trajectory measurement of industrial equipment; and navigation systems, like GNSS, INS, high-precision locators, among others.

Specifically, M-G366 and M-G330 will be exhibited at Maintenance & Resilience Osaka 2022. It is an event organized by the Japan Management Association to be held from December 7 to 9 at INTEX Osaka. In addition, it will exhibit these products at the 2nd Nepcon Japan Online, a virtual event from November 30 to December 2.

Given the social and technological changes that are underway, Epson believes that the need for precision sensors that can visualize information will only expand going forward. Epson will continue to leverage its philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation to provide small, lightweight, low-power sensing systems that offer outstanding precision and stability to significantly contribute to its customers’ products and services.