TASMIT Highlights New Wafer Inspection System

TASMIT Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductor inspection and measurement systems, introduced recently its INSPECTRA Series automatic optical wafer inspection system. Particularly, the company displayed the new system at SEMICON Japan 2022 held from Dec. 14 to 16.        

The company introduced various high-speed, high-sensitivity products that make full use of diverse types of light, on panels. Moreover, these included INSPECTRA PL using not only visible light but also ultraviolet light, and INSPECTRA IR using infrared light.  

CR-Ⅲ semiconductor chip AOI system

Reflects Company’s Expertise

Recently, the advancement of electrification of vehicles has contributed to the increase in the number of semiconductors incorporated in automotive components. Automotive-use semiconductors require high reliability. Therefore, they need to undergo inspection in dicing and packaging processes as well after inspection in a wafer state. 

The demand for INSPECTRA systems that meet inspection needs at respective processes has been expanding. 

At its booth, TASMIT showcased the CR-Ⅲ exclusive AOI system for semiconductor chips, the first in the industry. 

The company has deployed its high-accuracy optical microscope technologies. Here, it depicts the company’s expertise in the production of semiconductor wafer AOI systems for chip inspection application. It has achieved about five-fold accuracy compared with general systems. At the same time, it features inspection time of 0.6sec per chip through the adoption of six transfer units, according to TASMIT. 

CR-Ⅲ will hit the market in Jan. 2023.