Yaskawa Markets Opener Robot for Painting Application

Yaskawa Electric Corporation has started market offering of the MOTOMAN-MPO40 opener robot for painting application. The new robot opens and closes an engine hood and other parts of a vehicle, while collaborating with a painting robot in a painting booth. It has a payload of 40kg and a reach of 4,550mm.

MOTOMAN-MPO40 adopts wall-mounting installation method allowing it to be installed on the sidewall or upper side of the painting booth. This enables the wall-mountable opener robot to operate near the painting robot without entering the work area, thereby improving work efficiency and achieving high-density arrangement. Thus, MOTOMAN-MPO40 contributes to achieving a compact painting booth, a shorter line, as well as to reduced running costs and improved environment properties.

With a maximum reach of 4,550mm, MOTOMAN-MPO40 can access the engine hood to the tailgate of the vehicle. It can perform the opening and closing operations on a vehicle body without a travel mechanism. It also secures a vertical stroke of 2,000mm or larger.

Yaskawa Electric has obtained a certification for explosion-proof specification for the robot in Japan. It will also obtain certifications for explosion-proof specification in the United States, and countries in Europe and Asia, in accordance with customers’ requests.

MOTOMAN-MPO40 opener robot for painting application