Japan Unix Revs up Global Reach With New Solder Robots

Japan Unix Co., Ltd. has been penetrating the global business scene with its soldering robots as its mainstay products. For that reason, it has been maintaining sales bases in Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, Seoul in Korea, Penang in Malaysia, and Taipei in Taiwan. In addition, it also has sales bases in Guadalajara in Mexico, New Jersey in North America, and Gurugram in India, as well as ones in Japan. 

Kentaro Kono, General Manager at Japan Unix, said, “In 2022, we could steadily increase sales although there was a problem in delivery time of soldering robots. Main delivery destinations were automotive electronics makers. We could expand countries and customers.”

Kentaro Kono, General Manager at Japan Unix

In addition, Kono said, “Since 2020 when the pandemic started, we held webinars on a regular basis targeting customers and conducted remote business negotiations. However, in 2022, we resumed face-to-face negotiations. In 2023, we hope to expand demand for new products, including Area Laser, although China’s moves are unpredictable.” 

Automating Production Lines

As new models of soldering robots, Japan Unix has brought to market the UNIX-HFR horizontally articulated and UNIX-VFR vertically articulated robots. In other words, they are promoting them as the soldering robots of the new generation to fully automate production lines. 

In technology front, the company has developed Area Laser, a laser irradiation technology for soldering robots. Specifically, the technology provides uniform energy within the laser irradiation area. It can irradiate beams of shapes other than circle, such as square and rectangular. 

With the development of Area Laser, Japan Unix has expanded the area where laser soldering robots are used to the surface mount technology (SMT) process.  Furthermore, the company highlighted Area Laser soldering system at NEPCON NAGOYA held in Oct. 2022.  It drew attention of visitors. 

The company started market introduction of B-iRON made by JBC Tools as a rechargeable-type soldering iron of the new generation. Consequently, adopting JBC Tools’ original heating system, B-iRON has achieved extremely fast temperature recovery to reach 350℃ within four seconds. It comes with more than 65 types of iron tips.

For that reason, Japan Unix has been engaged in the sales of standard specifications and standards promotion activities as IPC International, Inc. (IPC)’s exclusive agency in Japan.