Japan Unix to Release New Rechargeable Soldering Iron

Japan Unix Co., Ltd. is set to release this spring the B-iRON rechargeable soldering irons as new products of the UNIX JBC soldering iron series. The company positions the B-iRON rechargeable soldering irons as next-generation soldering irons.  In the new B-iRON soldering irons, the company eliminated the cord connecting the controller and soldering irons, thereby significantly improving soldering work efficiency. 

B-iRON rechargeable soldering iron

Next-Generation Soldering Iron

Japan Unix deploys its soldering business focusing on soldering robots on the global market. The company enriches its lineup of the UNIX JBC Series soldering irons. Specifically, the UNIX JBC Series features the highest class of heating response. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use design and an iron tip with longer life and energy-saving effect. Additionally, it comes with abundant and convenient cartridges and soldering tools for various applications. 

Adopts Original Heating Method

The soon-to-be-released B-iRON rechargeable soldering irons adopt the company’s original heating method. It enables about 20 minutes of soldering on one full charge. The soldering irons charge easily using a built-in charger in the stand. Also, charging is possible in pause mode, which prevents oxidation. It allows remote setting of the parameters from any Bluetooth-enabled device in accordance with user needs.

While conventional soldering irons take 10 to 90 seconds to reach 350℃, the UNIX JBC Series reach 350℃ in only 2 seconds after the grip is lifted from the stand. 

Like other UNIX JBC soldering iron series, B-iRON achieves quick temperature recovery to reach 350℃ within 4 seconds thanks to the company’s original heating system. It adopts an ergonomic design that fits the worker’s hand. The new soldering iron has minimal weight, allowing comfortable soldering work. 

More than 65 types of cartridges (iron tips) are available for users to select in accordance with the purpose. An easy and safe quick-cartridge-removing device improves work efficiency. 

The controller section features a cartridge holder, which stores up to three cartridges. In addition, the cleaning system, featuring a splash guard and anti-splash membrane, keeps the work area clean and removes solder particles.