Samsung Electro-Mechanics Camera Module Hits Best OIS Performance

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will introduce a 200 megapixel-class camera module with more than twice better image stabilization features. For this product, the company targets markets with differentiated technologies for shooting high-quality photos and videos. Specifically, the product integrates core optical technologies by Samsung Electro-Mechanics to realize vivid and clear image quality for photo-shooting or video-recording.

Main Camera Module Features

The new 200 megapixel-class module’s 3.0-degree image stabilization angle is twice superior to the 1.5-degree stabilization angle of existing products.  Mainly, it offers the world’s highest level among currently available smartphones with optical image inspection (OIS) features. The correction angle is the range in which a user can take clear pictures when the amount of shaking that occurs upon photo taking is converted into an angle. Also, the larger the correction angle, the greater amount of shaking is corrected.

With the cameras equipped with OIS features, taking pictures and videos in a stable manner is possible even when the user is moving. Also, vividly shooting far-away subjects under low-light environments with longer light exposure time is attainable. It is expected that OIS features will be equipped on smartphones and cameras for drones or autonomous driving.  

Technology to Solve Camera Bump

To double the OIS correction angle, the driving distance for lens movement must also be approximately doubled. Also, the number of components required for driving must be increased, thereby resulting in larger module sizes.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics minimized the camera module size nearly similar to that of the previous products. As a result, it resolved the camera bump issue and achieved quality satisfaction. This way, it simultaneously increased the driving distance via optimized design of magnetic substances and coils that affect the OIS actuator performances.

Meanwhile, 200 megapixel-class ultra-high pixel image sensors must be supported by designing large-diameter bright lenses. This design gathers large amounts of light under low-light conditions, as the number of pixels increases. Samsung Electro-Mechanics secured durability and accuracy by applying Ball-Guide type OIS actuator equipped with high-sensitivity sensors. It operated large-diameter lenses precisely in a micro-meter unit. Moreover, Samsung Electro-Mechanics minimized battery consumption by reducing power consumption.

Executive Vice President Lee Taegon, Head of Optics & Communication Solution Department of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, remarked, “Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to offer differentiated products as needed by customers by launching optical 10× zoom folded camera for the first time in Korea. It is the only company holding exclusive technical skills for designing/manufacturing on its own any core components such as lenses and actuators.” Moreover, Lee said, “Recently, the demands for camera module specifications such as high-pixel sensors, advanced video features is expected to continue with a focus on the flagship smartphones.”

In the meantime, there has been an expansion in the automotive camera module market following the increased supply of electric vehicles and advancement of autonomous driving technologies such as ADAS.  Samsung Electro-Mechanics will expand its automotive camera module business by offering differentiated products and diversifying customers based on its accumulated IT technologies.