Resonac Ramps up Production of Adhesive Film for IC Packaging

Resonac Corporation increases the production capacity of the Dicing Die Bonding Film at its Goi Plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The Dicing Die Bonding Film is a two-in-one adhesive film with functions of both dicing tape and die bonding film. Specifically, it is used in the semiconductor packaging process (back-end process).

Dicing Die Bonding Film

The demand for the adhesive film, which is used mainly in the semiconductor memory production process, is seen to increase steadily in the medium- to long term.  Thus, in response to the increase in demand, Resonac decides to ramp up the production capacity of Dicing Die Bonding Film by 60% from the present level. Resonac will start to operate expanded production facilities in 2026.

Expansion in Demand

In the global market, the demand for data processing and telecommunication infrastructure continues to increase. This includes servers for cloud computing and data centers. Mainly, the constant increase in the amount of generated and communicated data backs this trend. Hence, with the progress of new technologies, including metaverse,*1 this amount will continue. Consequently, the demand for high-performance semiconductor memories for use in large-amount data storage/processing and in new hardware related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is also seen to increase. 

As a result, the market for Die Bonding Film, which is used to laminate semiconductor chips, will also expand.

Ultra-thin Film Type Adhesive

A die bonding film is an ultra-thin film-type adhesive essential for the multilayer mounting of semiconductor chips. In this market, Resonac owns the top share globally.*2  Specifically, Resonac’s Dicing Die Bonding Film functions as a dicing tape for cutting out semiconductor chips from wafers and film for die bonding simultaneously. Thus, it enables its customers to laminate dicing tape and die-bonding film on the backside of a wafer in one go.  More so, Resonac’s Dicing Die Bonding Film helps its customers shorten their production process.  The demand for Dicing Die Bonding Film, which features an integrated function of dicing tape and die bonding film, remains robust. Therefore, Resonac decides to increase its production capacity for the product.

The Resonac Group positions its semiconductor materials production as a core growth business. In the past, Resonac had been producing Dicing Die Bonding Film at its Goi Plant.  However, in 2021, the company started to also produce Dicing Die Bonding Film at its Chinese subsidiary, SD Materials (Nantong) Co., Ltd. 

Through the latest capital investment, the Resonac Group increases the production capacity for Dicing Die Bonding Film further. Thereby, it copes with the increase in the demand for semiconductors and contributes to the stable supply of semiconductors.

*1. Recently, the average growth rate of the amount of generated data is 28.9% per year.  The average growth rate of the scale of the global market for data center servers is 14.5% per year. (Source: “Outline of the plan for R&D and social implementation of ‘Next-generation Digital Infrastructure Construction Project’”.)

*2. Source: “Status of semiconductor market for 2022 and future outlook,” published by Fuji Keizai Group Co., Ltd.