Izumo Murata Completes New Production Building

Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., announced the completion of construction of a new production building for multilayer ceramic capacitors. It is located at Iwami Plant (Hane) in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. Izumo Murata is a manufacturing subsidiary of Japanese manufacturer, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Construction of Izumo Murata started in March 2022.

Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The completion ceremony held last April was attended by Tatsuya Maruyama, Governor of Shimane Prefecture and Hirokazu Kajino, Mayor of Oda City. Also, executives from Murata were present at the event. Among them include Nagato Omori, Senior Vice President and Koichi Kawakita, Vice President from Murata, and Yasuo Taniguchi, President and Representative Director from Izumo Murata.

Mainly, Izumo Murata develops and manufactures ceramic capacitors. Specifically, the subsidiary will handle multilayer ceramic capacitor production. Overall, the company has invested yen 12 billion (US$85.4 million) in the construction of the new building. It also includes cost for production equipment and machinery.

The completion of the new production building signals Murata’s ability to establish a system that can respond to the medium- to long-term increase in demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors.