TDK to Double Capacity for TMR Magnetic Sensors

TDK Corporation said it will increase the production capacity at its TDK Asama Techno Factory (Saku-shi, Nagano, Japan). Primarily, it will strengthen its TMR magnetic sensor production system. This investment aims to meet increasing demand for TMR magnetic sensors. The production volume after this investment will be approximately two times the current monthly production from the first half of 2025.

TDK Asama Techno Factory

TDK’s TMR magnetic sensors boast high precision, high reliability and excellent temperature characteristics. Also, they enable stable operation, leveraging the company’s magnetic and thin-film technology expertise developed over many years. For this reason, they have become the preferred sensors used by the automotive industry in applications that require precision, reliability and safety. Among them include angle sensors for assist motor control and brake booster motor control in electric power steering (EPS), current sensors for battery charge/discharge control, etc. Additionally, the sensors are widely used in robots, smartphones, and other consumer products because of their lower-power consumption. Demand is growing for angle sensors and current sensors for automotive applications. Meanwhile, industrial equipment manufacturers demonstrated similar activity.

Historically, the TDK Asama Techno Factory has been an important center utilizing the cutting-edge magnetic technology that represents TDK’s heritage. It was previously a manufacturing center for wafers for HDD magnetic heads. It underwent a significant business portfolio transformation in 2014 to achieve the successful commercialization of TMR magnetic sensors for automotive and other applications.

Presently, medium-to-long term demand from multiple market sectors is increasing. Thus, TDK’s current move to aggressively increase its production capacity at the Asama Techno Factory will enable it to increase its value to global customers and partners looking to utilize TDK TMR magnetic sensor technology in current products and new applications.


TMR: Tunnel Magneto-Resistance. Of all magnetic field sensors, TMR offers the greatest sensitivity.