Siemens' Power Automation Platform Brings Scalability

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched the highly scalable SICAM 8 power automation platform. Designed with scalability and security at its core, the platform helps customers achieve resilient and secure grid operation. On the other hand, it allows the incorporation of additional applications in the future.

Furthermore, it also includes two new software solutions: the SICAM HMI (Human Machine Interface) visualization tool and the SICAM S8000 software solution for power automation. In addition, forms part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, an open digital platform that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster, and at scale. 

SICAM 8 power automation platform

Innovative, Smart Energy Automation

The SICAM 8 automation platform has been designed to aid global efforts to achieve climate targets. Most importantly, it enables the expansion of renewable energies, simplifying the integration of renewable energies into existing grids, and speeding up the expansion of substations. Additionally, by offering a holistic cybersecurity solution with secure products, systems and comprehensive services, SICAM 8 has been created to meet ever-increasing cybersecurity requirements.

“Flawless operation of the grid in an increasingly distributed energy landscape is essential for any network operator, electricity supplier, or industrial enterprise. As they all face the challenge of meeting sustainability targets by reducing power consumption, they are looking for innovative and smart, all-in-one, energy automation solutions that can not only address this challenge but grow and adapt with their ever-evolving needs,” said Stephan May, CEO of Electrification and Automation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “With the SICAM 8 platform we offer a hard- and software-based ecosystem, ready for a sustainable future.”

A key component of the SICAM 8 platform, the SICAM HMI delivers a new standard for process visualization. With users benefiting from high performance, state of the art technology and modularized architecture, the SICAM HMI is a universal tool for the visualization of smaller plants in the energy chain. 

SICAM S8000 software solution

Strengthening the platform further, the SICAM S8000 is a stand-alone software product for power automation. Incorporating Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and communication protocols, the SICAM S8000 can be installed on third party industrial PCs. Both the SICAM HMI and SICAM S8000 were built to drive resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability and form crucial elements of Siemens’ expanding ecosystem of power automation solutions.