FormFactor Launches New Panel Metrology and Inspection System

FormFactor, Inc. has introduced the FRT MicroProf® PT, a new semiconductor metrology and inspection tool for rectangular panels up to 600mm. Specifically, these contain 4 to 5X more dies compared to a 300mm wafer. With full automation and hybrid metrology capabilities, a single system can perform multiple types of 3D measurements and defect detection on the large format panels. It supports heterogenous integration of chiplets used in advanced package technologies, such as fan-out panel-level packaging (FoPLP).

FRT MicroProf® PT semiconductor metrology and inspection tool

FoPLP and other advanced package techniques stack several semiconductor dies into a single heterogeneous package. They use connection elements such as microbumps, TSVs (through-silicon vias), and interposers. In device development, the new MicroProf PT with SurfaceSens™ technology incorporates a variety of high-precision sensor options to measure the shape of these inter-die connections. Also, it measures thickness, roughness, and other characteristics of the film and metal layers that make up each device. Fully integrating into factory floor automation with SECS/GEM protocols, the tool can also deliver essential defect inspection data for process control and yield improvement.

The MicroProf PT is the latest addition to FormFactor’s Advanced Packaging metrology product family. Specifically, it complements the established wafer-level packaging product, the MicroProf AP. Its key features include 1) Metrology and defect inspection applications in one tool; 2) Full automation with two loaders for panel FOUPs, for panels up to 600mm × 600mm; 3) Multi-sensor setup including topography, field-of-view, and film thickness with hybrid software evaluation to evaluate highly complex structures; 4) Film thickness measurements from micron-range down to tens of nanometers, and 5) Wide range of handling capability – from substrates a few millimeters thick to 200µm, including organic and glass.

“Innovation in advanced packaging is rapidly advancing process capability, with large-format panel substrates providing an important cost-reduction trajectory,” said Thomas Fries, Vice President and General Manager of FormFactor’s Emerging Growth Business Unit. “The multi-sensor MicroProf PT gives our customers the flexibility to use the tool in both development and production of these new processes on cost-effective panels.”