ABB, China Telecom Unveil New IIoT Lab

ABB and China Telecom have launched a joint digitalization and industrial IoT laboratory in Hangzhou, China. Accordingly, the collaboration between ABB Measurement & Analytics China Technology Center and China Telecom’s Internet of Things subsidiary E Surfing IoT will focus on developing end-to-end IIoT solutions for industrial companies based in China.

In a ceremony in Hangzhou on June 14, executives of the two companies unveiled the facility and signed a cooperation agreement. These include Jacques Mulbert, Division President, ABB Measurement & Analytics; Amina Hamidi, ABB Business Line Manager Instrumentation; Susan Pan Ying, Head of ABB Measurement & Analytics China; Zhong Zhaozhong, Assistant President, Industrial Business, China Telecom, and Zhao Jianjun, Deputy General Manager, E Surfing IoT.

“ABB’s vision for the lab is to develop industrial IoT solutions that help Chinese industries with automation and digital technologies, maximizing resource efficiency and contributing to a low-carbon future,” said Jacques Mulbert, Division President, ABB Measurement & Analytics. Furthermore, Mulbert said, “The digital transformation that China is undergoing and the demand for advanced manufacturing technologies make me very confident about investing in China.”

ABB and China Telecom joint laboratory unveiling ceremony

“IoT technology can improve production efficiency and increase product quality,“ said Zhong Zhaozhong, Assistant President, Industrial Business, China Telecom. In addition, Zhaozhong said, “The joint laboratory is important not only from the point of view of technology integration, but also because this is an innovation-sharing platform based on collaboration. This is an effective way to promote technological innovation in industrial settings.”

Meeting the Needs for IIoT in Multiple Industries

As China transforms its manufacturing industries, the industrial IoT field is developing fast. Currently, China is promoting the green and sustained growth agenda. Hence, bringing many new opportunities to areas such as smart manufacturing, digitalization, energy efficiency, and smart cities.

As part of the collaboration, ABB and E Surfing IoT will explore avenues for technology integration and industrial application of new technologies as well as new directions for next-generation industrial IoT solutions. The two teams will focus on comprehensive digital solutions that incorporate ABB sensor technology, China Telecom’s 5G network, industrial IoT and connectivity technology, as well as cloud computing.

“It is very important to work alongside customers and partners to better serve the Chinese market,” said Susan Pan Ying, Head of ABB Measurement & Analytics China. “We understand what the market needs, and we will continue to support China on its path to automation and digitalization. Ultimately, this will help China reach its sustainability goals.”

Recently, ABB collaborated with E Surfing IoT in the field of smart water networks. As part of the collaboration, Chinese water companies were able to increase the quality of data from their water networks and hence the operational efficiency by an average of more than 20 percent through implementing IoT solutions, achieving energy savings and cost reduction.

Global Tech Hub

ABB Measurement & Analytics China Technology Center is an important global technological innovation hub. It develops ground-breaking products and technologies out of Hangzhou. Particularly, the center benefits from more than 120 years of innovation history in ABB’s Measurement & Analytics business.

China Telecom is the world’s largest and leading communication service operator. It is also one of the earliest companies to explore the Internet of Things with a number of patented technologies. E Surfing IoT has built its own IoT core capabilities and is now working to apply 5G and Internet of Things technologies to industrial IoT.

ABB’s Process Automation business automates, electrifies, and digitalizes industrial operations that address a wide range of essential needs. Particularly from supplying energy, water and materials, to producing goods and transporting them to market.

With its around 20,000 employees, leading technology and service expertise, ABB Process Automation helps customers in process, hybrid and maritime industries improve performance and safety of operations. Thus, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.