ASMPT Propels Pitch to Digitalize Brazil's Factories

ASMPT has announced its return to Brazil’s leading electronics event, FIEE. Hence, underscoring the company’s commitment to the region amid its expanding, country-wide sales and service network.

The new DEK TQ L print platform, market-leading SIPLACE SX placement equipment, along with workforce optimization software like WORKS Command Center and the newly-launched Virtual Assist, will be demonstrated at the event. Most importantly, of these will exponentially raise productivity through open communication protocols, unprecedented equipment uptime, real-time information access, and enhanced workforce efficiency.

DEK TQ L’s dual-access cover allows paste replenishment during operation for maximum uptime. Image source: ASMPT

“South America – particularly Brazil – is an important region for ASMPT and the electronics industry more broadly,” says Mark Ogden, ASMPT Americas Marketing Manager. “At this year’s FIEE, we look forward to illustrating our proven technologies for smart factory open automation and digitalization.”

Flexible, formidable equipment

Following its highly-successful North American debut at the start of 2023, the DEK TQ L will be a highlight of ASMPT at booth G10. Moreover, the feature-rich DEK TQ L combines a small footprint, fast cycle time, pinpoint accuracy, and rugged structure to enable continuous production. Unique features like dual-cover access for solder paste replenishment without an equipment stop, automatic Smart Pin support, and maximum consumables capacity enable zero-assist-required full-shift processing.

Also, ASMPT is also showing its SIPLACE SX placement platform, revered for its flexibility and scalability. Thus, allowing the addition and interchangeability of gantries to scale up, down, or transfer capacity as needed. At FIEE, the company will demonstrate a SIPLACE SX2, a SIPLACE Glue Feeder adhesive dispenser, and a SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X that verifies component electrical values before placement.

Workforce optimization software

In addition, aside from robust machine and line control, innovative software technology is becoming imperative for workforce efficiency. Illustrating its leadership in this area, ASMPT will feature WORKS Command Center and the newly-launched Virtual Assist at FIEE 2023. WORKS Command Center allows prioritization of tasks and deployment of staff resources commensurate with skill set, allowing manufacturers to engage fewer operators to achieve production objectives. 

WORKS Command Center helps prioritize staff tasks, deploying personnel where needed. Image source: ASMPT

Finally, show delegates will get a first-hand look at a novel AI tool that delivers information access on demand which is key to maximized productivity and uptime. ASMPT’s Virtual Assist brings the power and convenience of natural language processing (NLP) to the factory floor. Using a smartphone or any internet-enabled handheld device, voice queries instantly connect users to verified documentation for production onboarding, maintenance, and process information. Available in multiple languages, Virtual Assist can be customized to integrate diverse process and machine (including third-party equipment) documentation.

“Productivity, uptime, resource-maximization, and instantaneous information access are difference-makers for electronics manufacturers,” concludes Ogden.

“The most efficient operations are the most competitive, and ASMPT enables our customers to leverage digitalization to amplify equipment and personnel performance. Our team is excited to connect with show delegates at FIEE to show them how ASMPT can help transform their operations with state-of-the-art equipment and software that deliver a competitive advantage.”