New Module Heightens ONO SOKKI’s Measuring Systems

ONO SOKKI CO., LTD. has expanded its product lineup of wireless measurement systems. Accordingly, the company has developed a new module that wirelessly measures voltage in addition to temperature.

The new module aims to meet the needs for simultaneous evaluation of multiple channels. At the same time, support implementation of internet of things (IoT) in measurements.

Recently, in 2021, ONO SOKKI released the WT-1100 wireless temperature measurement module. The release of the new module came amid growing attention on thermal management to reduce energy loss through appropriate temperature management of equipment and devices to achieve carbon neutrality. Thus, the company met mounting need for temperature measurement.

WV-1100 wireless voltage measurement module

Simultaneous Measurement of up to 200Ch

The new WV-1100 wireless voltage measurement module to be released in fall measures voltage and wirelessly transmits data. To name a few, the WT-1100, the WV-1100 is capable of simultaneous measurement of up to 200 channels. It does not require wiring to measure multiple channels. Thereby, enabling measurement of high-speed rotating bodies, such as tires, and moving objects, such as drones, while in operation.  

ONO SOKKI has a proven track record of delivering wireless temperature measurement modules in a wide range of industrial fields. This includes on-vehicle battery cells, motors for transfer robots, and electronic components mounters. Meanwhile, the company developed WV-1100 meeting increasing needs for measuring various physical quantities simultaneously with temperature.

Simultaneous measurement of temperature and voltage value enables the user to grasp the heating status of electric vehicle (EV) battery together with driving conditions. As it is a small module, it can be installed in a small space. 

It operates within -20 to +60°C. Thus, it supports upper-limit temperatures of many environmental tests.  

Measuring 54×30×13.4mm, it is the smallest in class compared with similar wireless data loggers from competing companies. Connecting to an external battery module realizes continuous measurement of up to 1,500 hours at a sampling cycle of 60 seconds, without insulation breakdown. Through design change of wireless communication firmware, synchronization precision between channels improved to ±100mms. 

Furthermore, the WC-0010 software for data monitors also supports measurements of both temperature and voltage of multiple channels. It features enhanced display function and improved visibility. It also enables panel display that indicates instantaneous values of multiple channels in addition to battery remaining quantity and communication status. 

Conversion to Arbitrary Unit

One of WV-1100’s functions is the ability to convert voltage value measured by the voltage measurement module into arbitrary physical unit value. On top of that, it also inherits a function to prevent data loss even during unstable communication, and data cannot be transmitted. 

Of various measurement items, there has been strong demand for simultaneous measurement of temperature and voltage. ONO SOKKI intends to meet further needs for simultaneous measurements by combining the voltage measurement module with various sensors for the measurement of air conditioning systems and machine tools.