DuPont Strikes Alliance With Korean PCB Maker

DuPont Interconnect Solutions (DuPont) has entered a strategic collaboration relationship with YMT, a Korean printed circuit board (PCB) materials manufacturer. Accordingly, the partnership combines DuPont’s circuit imaging material expertise and YMT’s local network. Hence, the alliance will be able to address the local customer needs with faster response, better service, and a total solution.

Under this collaboration, YMT has invested in establishing a dry film slitting facility in Ansan, Korea, and expects facility operation in October.

The collaboration of DuPont and YMT will bring together the two companies’ expertise to address local customer needs in Korea.

More Connected Value Chain

Yuan Yuan Zhou, Global Business Director, Metallization & Imaging, DuPont, underscored the importance of collaboration with YMT. Particularly, Zhou said this will bring advancements to the electronics industry and build a more connected value chain to its customers in Korea.

In addition, Zhou said, “YMT is one of the leading companies in the global chemical material industry with strong technology development capability.”

Moreover, adding the local Riston® dry film photoresist slitting capability will accelerate Riston® product delivery and flexibility, heightening Korea’s local customer reach and better service. “We believe the win-win strategy will reinforce our circuit imaging market in Korea while YMT will expand its current product offerings by adding Riston® dry films,” said Zhou.

On the other hand, Peter Baek, Chief of Business Officer, Vice President, YMT, said, “By aligning more fully with DuPont, we can leverage our strength in technical service and logistics to meet the varied needs of our customers as the industry continues to grow. We are confident that our collaboration will create long-term value for our customers.”

Joint Exhibit at KPCA

DuPont and YMT will jointly showcase the Riston® dry film photoresist technology at YMT booth #E401 in the upcoming KPCA on Sept. 6-8, at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea. Furthermore, DuPont and YMT will present at the show a broad Riston® circuit imaging materials designed for fine-line applications and advanced PCB technology. Particularly, for high-end segments such as Integrated Circuit (IC) substrate, High-Density Interconnect (HDI) and Semi-Additive Process (SAP) to drive high-integration, high-performance, and miniaturization process development.