Comau, Siemens Pave Way for Easy-to-Use Robot Programming

Comau has released the Comau Next-Generation Programming Platform, a protocol that implements the Uniform Robotics Data Interface (URDI) communications standard to simplify robot programming. This implementation facilitates the complete integration of Comau’s robot family with the Siemens Simatic Robot Library.

With the new programming platform, Comau robots can be integrated with Siemens’ robotic ecosystem.

Simplifies Integration in Any Industry

Operators in any industry sector can now easily program one or more Comau robots via the Siemens ecosystem they presently use for other applications and processes. Given that all automation products and cells can be managed without the need for specific competence in robotics programming, it delivers tangible cost and time savings. Companies can thus boost their efficiency and productivity without facing a challenging learning curve. This further reduces automation barriers for clients that have a consolidated use of Siemens PLC and now want to introduce articulated robots. Working with a major automotive customer, Comau has been able to reduce configuration and programming costs by 30 percent using its robot controller with the Siemens Simatic Robot Library.

Beyond automotive, applications include everything from end-of-line processes, pick and place, management of boxing, and palletizing operations to logistics and more. It also has the ability to virtually program Comau’s robots with the Siemens virtual PLC as a single operation. This enables end users and systems integrators to perfect the programming sequence, download the program onsite, and immediately begin running the robot.

Offers Seamless Interface

The Comau Next-Generation Programming Platform lets integrating robotics into an existing line or process become straightforward and intuitive. This is a concept that is fully aligned with Comau’s vision of making robotics accessible to end users. It also mirrors the company’s HUMANufacturing approach, through which industrial equipment and human operators work together in complete safety and with the help of innovative digital technologies.

By removing barriers to automation, Comau is well-positioned to support companies of any size, in any industry enjoy higher productivity. They simply use the same Siemens PLC that is already deployed for other applications and all the necessary intelligence is instantly transferred from the Siemens library to the robot.

“The successful integration of Comau’s robot controller with the Siemens ecosystem reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to simplifying automation,” explained Gaia Salvadore, Robotics and Automation Products Segment Leader. “It also represents an important step towards the Easy-to-Use vision of Comau for Robotics.”

“Together with Comau, we are pioneers in offering the market the first seamless interface between industrial robotics and our Simatic Robot Library,” said Tobias Fengel, Marketing Manager Robotics & Electronics at Siemens DI. “In addition to Comau’s industrial automation expertise, this milestone is the result of our longstanding collaboration and will undoubtedly help companies extend their use of our joint technologies.”