Rockwell’s Boosts Automation Products’ After Service

Rockwell Automation has introduced its Repair + service agreement. Particularly, the program aims to respond to manufacturers’ need for prolonged life for their industrial automation products.

Because of the option to subscribe to Repair + service agreement, manufacturers can have a more simplified repair process for a more predictable budgeting. Hence, eliminating the headache of individual purchase orders, the agreement includes a dedicated amount to spend on repairs. On the other hand, it can also be created to be inclusive of all repairs on Rockwell Automation products.

Image Credit: Rockwell Automation (file photo)

Streamline Repair Process with One Contract

The Repair + can prolong the life of a company’s industrial automation products. Furthermore, it can also support operational needs. The reinforced agreement includes an individualized amount to spend on repairing spare parts quickly and sustainably.

Also, manufacturers can proactively plan and budget their maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) costs with a predictable repair spend. Hence, giving companies to have the repair budget dedicated to getting any inoperable parts fixed.

Rockwell Automation said it will be able to provide a globally consistent experience no matter where a manufacturer’s location is. Thanks to its 14 remanufacturing and repair facilities and spare parts hubs.

Because of this, Rockwell Automation can provide repairs on Allen‑Bradley® products and those of other popular automation brands.

Manufacturers can proactively plan and budget their maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) costs. Also, they can manage their repairs through the portal. More information is available on Rockwell Automation’s webpage.

Eliminate Large Capital Outlays

Meanwhile, Rockwell Automation is also offering an Inventory+ service agreement. Particularly, it provides access to critical spare parts without the upfront cost of ownership.

Rockwell Automation owns and manages the spare parts inventory at a manufacturer’s site. Thus, eliminating the large, capital investment often required to purchase spare parts inventory.

Inventory+ gives manufacturers priority inventory replenishment and includes repair budgeting for spare parts used. With an Inventory+ service agreement, companies can take advantage of all Repair+ service agreement entitlements and benefits.