Rockwell’s New Beacons Improve Plant’s Signaling

Rockwell Automation has introduced the new Bulletin 855R industrial beacons. Particularly, these beacons can improve how industrial operators deliver warnings and status indications to workers on the plant floor.

The family of 110mm industrial round beacons offers enhanced performance compared to other beacon lines and can meet a broader range of signaling needs. Moreover, a single Bulletin 855R beacon can offer both audible and visual indication, which can help prevent confusion on the plant floor in the event of a critical machine or equipment condition alert. In addition, with multiple light-pattern options and multiple mounting options, the beacons can suit a diverse mix of signaling applications.

Bulletin 855R industrial beacons from Rockwell Automation

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Operators can reduce maintenance costs thanks to Rockwell Automation’s Bulletin 855R line’s use of maintenance-free LED technology. Furthermore, they can also drive down inventory costs by using one beacon family to signal up to three different machine or equipment conditions.

There are several other new features and functionalities of the 855R beacon family that can help operators get more from their investment. First, the beacons have the ability to provide up to 15 unique DIP switch selectable light patterns in groups of seven. Next, the multicolor functionality, with the ability to produce up to seven colors in one device.

Furthermore, there are two profile options, one is the “high lens” for traditional beacon applications and the “compact lens” for space-critical installations. In addition, the high-brightness functionality to maximize contrast in high-ambient-light environments or outdoor applications. Lastly, it has an audible mounting base that’s compatible with all LED beacon modules and can produce up to three different audible outputs from a 32-tone table.

All 855R devices are available in 24V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC global ratings. The 855R product family meets cULus, CE, KCC, RCM, UKCA and Morocco requirements for global applications. A high IP66/67 and UL Type 4/4X/13 ingress protection rating makes the product family suitable for indoor or outdoor industrial signaling applications.

The 855R beacon line is available now as separate components or as complete pre-assembled beacons to maximize flexibility.