Funai Electric Pitches Zion Ink Cartridge at PACK EXPO

Funai Electric Co., Ltd. took part in PACK EXPO, an exhibition of packaging and processing solutions, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, from Sept. 11 to 13.

Mainly, Funai Electric highlighted the company’s leading-edge print solutions, including the new Zion industrial ink cartridge. Specifically, Zion features an industry-leading 12mm throw distance and high resolution for a solvent-based ink cartridge. Leveraging an industry-leading throw distance, the Zion cartridge delivers superior printing capabilities on curved and recessed materials.  

Zion solvent-based ink cartridge

In 2013, Funai Electric acquired the inkjet printer business from the United States-based Lexmark International Inc. At present, the company independently develops and manufactures thermal inkjet printhead-integrated ink cartridges and printer engines that incorporate the ink cartridges. 

QR code printed on PET bottle using Zion

At PACK EXPO, Funai Electric showcased Zion and other industrial ink cartridges. In addition, the company also exhibited other companies’ industrial printers compatible with its cartridges. Moreover, it proposed eight joint solutions with partner companies, reflecting its ability to meet diverse customer needs. 

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