New Platform Elevates IIoT Monitoring, Control Ability

Flowfinity, a leading no-code platform for business process automation, has introduced the Fast Track IO industrial IoT monitoring capability. Particularly, it features a scan time of at least 50 times faster than a typical PLC for high-frequency measurement and processing.

Flowfinity’s natively compatible no-code software and IoT hardware offer speed, scalability, and integration potential. Thus, empowering organizations to unlock value through operational efficiency, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

Fast Track IO is a new feature within the Flowfinity M1 Controller that greatly increases sampling frequency. Hence, allowing for more precise control of high-speed physical processes.

Industrial IoT is revolutionizing digital transformation.  For that reason, IT leaders tasked with process improvement are increasingly deploying IoT solutions for 24/7 asset monitoring and situational awareness in industries. This includes manufacturing, utilities, and agribusiness.

Flowfinity has introduced the Fast Track IO industrial IoT monitoring capability, with scan times 50 times faster than typical PLC. (Image Credit: Flowfinity)

Precise Tracking, Timing, Coordination

Informal surveys recently showed 88 percent of process improvers believe that IoT expertise is ‘critical’ to their success. However, many projects either fail to advance beyond proof-of-concept or encounter deployment hurdles. Challenges persist when it comes to performance, scalability, and the ability to integrate with existing equipment and systems.

That’s why Flowfinity has been focused on addressing these challenges by helping process improvers ensure successful deployments and adoption.

“After consulting with our clients, we identified some key problems that process improvers face when deploying and scaling IoT for automated machine data collection,” said Larry Wilson, Vice President of Flowfinity.

In use cases requiring high-frequency sensor readings, there weren’t PLCs capable of sub-millisecond accuracy. For that reason, Wilson said improvers can deploy Flowfinity controllers with Fast Track IO so you can scale without limit by retrofitting existing equipment with this technology.

In addition, Wilson said, “Plus, it’s compatible with our Streams data management service optimized to rapidly ingest millions of IoT sensor data records with a highly efficient storage structure. (Hence), historical data is available for interactive visualization and analysis.”

Connecting relevant sensors directly to the Flowfinity M1 controller helps companies achieve precise tracking, timing, and coordination of any movement-related processes.

Fast Track IO then allows to measure this sensor activity with sub-millisecond accuracy and react to sensor inputs via discrete outputs with a near-instantaneous response time.

Scalable to Business Growth

Flowfinity also offers Streams, a cutting-edge database optimized for high-volume sensor data for scalability. Furthermore, it can process and store hundreds of millions of records using substantially less space than traditional relational storage models. Hence, solutions are almost infinitely scalable to grow with one’s business.

It can be very expensive to re-tool facilities with ‘smart’ machinery. For that reason, Flowfinity M1 Controllers helps in retrofitting existing equipment with hardware and software natively compatible from end-to-end out of the box to save cost.

All while integrating seamlessly with your core IT systems and legacy Operational Technology (OT).

Flowfinity IoT solutions featuring Fast Track IO are ideally helpful to companies striving to elevate organizations’ process management. Particularly, with the ability retrofit existing equipment and integrate with core systems.