Techman Robot, NTU Unveil Robotics Practical Laboratory

Techman Robot and the National Taiwan University (NTU) have become indispensable partners in the field of smart manufacturing. Recently, they unveiled the Robotics Practical Laboratory at NTU to offer students a comprehensive learning experience in smart robotics. This is their third year of collaboration.

The NTU Department of Mechanical Engineering also appointed Ho Shi-chi, Chairman of Techman Robot, as an adjunct professor. Together with Professor Guo Chongxian, they launched the “Smart Robotics Applications and Practices” course, focusing on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to cultivate students’ interdisciplinary problem-solving skills.

Ho Shi-chi (fourth from right), Chairman of Techman Robot

Specifically, this course integrates common industry needs. Among them are defect detection in collaboration with robotics functions, AI, 3D applications, big data analysis, and smart factory management; thus, providing a multifaceted approach to nurturing talents in smart manufacturing. These courses impart academic knowledge, Also, they involve students in hands-on operation of actual factory equipment and ROS system development. Mainly, the emphasis is on practical application and problem-solving. Accordingly, this encourages students to think independently and propose solutions within the framework of PBL to address various industry challenges.

At present, the Robotics Practice Laboratory is equipped with seven sets of TM AI cobots. Soon, it will include two sets of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for specialized course projects. The establishment of this laboratory was made possible through the support of the Ministry of Education’s “Smart Manufacturing Interdisciplinary Talent Cultivation Alliance Program.”

NTU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering is the center school within the alliance. Specifically, the department is committed to integrating mechatronics and artificial intelligence technologies. This provides students with a crucial learning environment to practice smart manufacturing technology. In addition, it expressed gratitude to Ho Shi-chi for his generous support as an alumnus, which enabled the successful completion of this laboratory.

Techman Robot and NTU aspire to cultivate more innovative and competitive talents through the laboratory. In the recent Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Application Competition, the winners of the AI Innovation category were all students from the program courses. Apparently, more students interested in automation and robotics technology will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in this laboratory. They can delve deeper into the fields of smart manufacturing and AI, benefiting from specialized knowledge.