LG Chem Opens First European Customers Solution Center in Germany

LG Chem has recently opened its first European Customer Solutions Center (EU CS Center) in Frankfurt, Germany. Specifically, this aims to provide comprehensive technology solutions for its European-based partners. Key LG Chem executives and German government personnel along with customers from various sectors attended the opening ceremony. Among the key personalities are LG Chem’s Petrochemical Business President Noh Kug-lae and the deputy mayor of Frankfurt.

“We are very pleased to introduce our new European Customer Solutions Center, which will become a hub for creativity and innovation and maximize our customers’ satisfaction,” said LG Chem CEO Shin Hak-cheol during a virtual opening speech. “We will continue to pursue purposeful services and solutions for our customers that exceed market expectations.”

LG Chem started building the EU CS Center in 2021 with an investment of about US$37.6 million. The newly built three-story center has a total floor area of approximately 7,400sq.m. It accommodates pilot plants and processing lines for works such as extrusions and injections. Also, it has dedicated laboratories that play key role in technical product qualification and customer service. This is an important part of the company’s commitment to its partners. Nearly 140 employees are working at the EU CS Center. They provide technical support for various products, such as automotive materials and eco-friendly recycled plastics.

Mainly, LG Chem aims to cement its status and presence in the European market with the opening of the EU CS Center. The center can promptly respond to customers’ needs for technical support and provide comprehensive technology solutions. Among them include product development, quality improvement and productivity enhancements.

Currently, LG Chem operates four CS Centers worldwide — one in South Korea (Osan), two in China (Huainan and Hwadong), and one in Europe (Germany). Additionally, it is planning to build another CS Center in the United States by 2023 to extend its support to customers around the globe.