Toray Propels Unique Precision Technology in China

As a pioneer in precision micromachining technology, Toray Precision Co., Ltd. has been receiving compliments for its high-precision and high-quality products. Accordingly, the company has been manufacturing spinnerets to produce synthetic fibers since its founding in 1955. The company supplies them to synthetic fiber manufacturers around the world. 

Components manufactured using the submicron order precision micromachining technology the company has nurtured are highly visible in a wide range of products. These range from airplanes, robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automobiles, optical communication equipment, and medical equipment. 

Exterior view of Toray Precision (Suzhou) in Suzhou, China.

Toray Precision has been providing original precision processing products to global customers with its headquarters and plant in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture as the core. Meanwhile, the company established Toray Precision (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2006 in the Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China, targeting customers in China. 

Toray Precision (Suzhou) processes metal components in the plant wherein quality assurance system is put in place. Its metal components are receiving high acclaim from customers. The company also manufactures various nozzles for batteries. 

IC Process Drives Growth

Takashi Tsuchida, Director Business Minister, Toray Precision (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., says, “Initially, our company had low name recognition, and there were difficult times until we have come this far. However, Made in China 2025, the industrial policy the Chinese government announced in 2015, prompted in-house production in the manufacturing industry. At present, inquiries for high-precision components relating to semiconductor manufacturing have been increasing. 

Takashi Tsuchida, Director Business Minister, Toray Precision (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Tsuchida noted most inquiries they receive come for vacuum suction tables. These are important in semiconductor manufacturing process. It includes a process to make many high-precision holes, and a process to finish a flat and smooth mirror surface. 

“Meanwhile, there are some areas where Toray Precision (Suzhou) cannot handle. In such times, we collaborate with the headquarters,” said Tsuchida.

The demand for inspection equipment for ceramic capacitors has been rapidly increasing in the past two to three years. There are also many inquiries for precision components used for characteristic inspection of capacitors, added Tsuchida. 

Toray Precision (Suzhou) has installed wide range of precision machine tools.

“Precision micromachining technology and precision components are not finished products.  Hence, we participated in SEMICON China as part of sales activities to make our company’s processing technologies widely known. We will also exhibit our products at SEMICON China to take place in June,” said Tsuchida.

This year is the third year the company will participate in the event. The company will promote micron order flat surface grinding and high precision micro-hole processing technologies.