PeS Signs Partnership with USHIO on Photocathode E-beam System

Photo electron Soul Inc. (PeS), a startup company launched by Nagoya University, announced that it has raised 730 million yen (US$4.9 million) from a group of general partners led by USHIO INC. Accordingly, it concluded a sole-distributor agreement with USHIO for the semiconductor photocathode e-beam generation systems incorporated into e-beam semiconductor wafer pattern inspection tools.

Specifically, PeS successfully developed the semiconductor photocathode e-beam system. Currently, it focuses on promoting business for semiconductor inspection systems. Its mission is to “Create the future of the semiconductor industry with the semiconductor photocathode e-beam”.

Semiconductor photocathode e-beam generation system by PeS

Mainly, the incorporation of the PeS e-beam system into semiconductor inspection tools allows 1) enhancement of throughput by 10 times or more compared with existing e-beam systems; 2) conducting non-contact testing of transistors by selective radiation of an e-beam; and 3) detection of particles hidden at the bottom of a deep hole with the aspect ratio of 30 or more by instant control of the beam dose.

Takayuki Suzuki, CEO of PeS, commented: “The latest technology we offer with our semiconductor photocathode e-beam makes a great contribution to enhancing productivity in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Specifically, our business for semiconductor inspection systems has just entered the first sales phase. To date, we already have started technological collaborations with some device manufacturers and inspection tool suppliers. Also, I’m pleased to get funding from USHIO as well as conclude the sole-distributor agreement with USHIO. Now, we can fully use USHIO’s global sales and service network of its light sources for semiconductor inspection tools.”

Mechanism of e-beam system

For its part, USHIO plans to start its sales activities for semiconductor photocathode e-beam systems to both semiconductor inspection tool suppliers and device manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Ushio said in a separate announcement that sales activities will start in November. Mainly, it will target manufacturers of inspection equipment for semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor device manufacturers Relatedly, Ushio will take advantage of its global sales channels for semiconductor inspection equipment light sources. Also, it will leverage its global maintenance systems for various semiconductor manufacturing equipment.