SEKISUI Seals Partnership with LATYS on Wireless Design Solutions

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. concluded a capital and business partnership agreement with LATYS Intelligence Inc. on advanced wireless solutions. Mainly, LATYS develops wireless networking solutions for WiFi, 5G, and 6G next-generation telecommunications field. Going forward, SEKISUI CHEMICAL aims to develop a communication environment design service by combining its next-generation communications components.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has identified “next-generation communication components” as one of the innovation areas and seven key themes to realize its long-term vision “Vision 2030”. Mainly, the group focuses on the development of components and devices that control high-frequency radio waves. Accordingly, it accelerates commercialization to solve the issues faced in next-generation communications.

Meanwhile, LATYS, one of the Group’s business partners, has also commercialized its own wireless relay systems. Specifically, the company is developing tools to optimize equipment deployment (simulation) for the effective use of these systems. As a result, this enables automated deployment and installation of wireless relay systems to achieve a good communication environment.

LATYS’s wireless relay building blocks

Details of the Business Partnership and Future Initiatives

This time, SEKISUI CHEMICAL signed a capital and business partnership with LATYS to develop a service business. Specifically, it includes the provision of components/devices and construction. The business combines SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s next-generation communication components and LATYS’ tools for optimal deployment. Accordingly, it aims to build a good communication environment that allows pleasant connections anytime, anywhere. Through this partnership, SEKISUI CHEMICAL will contribute to the development and sustainability of next-generation communication infrastructure.

A conceptual example of communication environment optimization using LATYS’s wireless relay systems

Generally, SEKISUI CHEMICAL is accelerating collaboration with startup companies and academia to expand and strengthen strategic business areas. For the exploration of new technologies and businesses, SEKISUI CHEMICAL will continue to engage in similar partnerships in the future.

Futoshi Kamiwaki, Senior Managing Executive Officer of SEKISUI CHEMICAL, said “We are excited to support LATYS and provide new solutions to the wireless network through our collaboration. By combining LATYS’s advanced metasurface and deployment technologies with SEKISUI’s next-generation communication components, we will provide new value to next-generation communication infrastructure.”

Paul Tornatta, CEO of LATYS, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to welcome SEKISUI as a strategic partner and investor. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with our vision for reshaping wireless communication. With SEKISUI’s support, we aim to further enhance our technology and expand its application in various industries.”