Festo Joins Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem

Open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator creates an open ecosystem for collaboration between customers, Siemens, and certified partners. Recently, Festo and Siemens announced their latest partnership to further strengthen the industrial edge ecosystem.

To kick this off, Festo is offering the Festo AX Data access app, effective immediately, on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace. For that reason, industrial customers can purchase numerous apps from different providers. Furthermore, the integrated IoT solutions based on these apps offer customers greater productivity, flexibility, and sustainability.

Dr. Oliver Niese (Festo) and Rainer Brehm (Siemens) present the partnership at Hannover Messe 2023

Siemens launched the independent, cross-vendor app store for industrial customers in October 2021. The Siemens Industrial Edge platform powers the marketplace. Particularly, it uses edge computing to process data right at its source. This includes industrial PC in machines or plants. Effective immediately, Festo is offering data-driven AI solutions from the Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX) portfolio on the marketplace.

Breakthrough for digital solutions in manufacturing

Dr. Oliver Niese, who heads Digital Business at Festo, said, “This gives Festo an additional sales channel for industrial customers in the areas of mechanical engineering and production. Users benefit from the opportunity to purchase apps from different providers in a single place, to install them and run them at the machines on the shop floor.”

Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace

Furthermore, another customer benefit is the wide range of software components that can be integrated into production in a standardized way. IoT solutions can even be scaled across lines and factories, thus considerably reducing manual software maintenance.

On the other hand, Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation at Siemens, “At Siemens, we want to add even more partners to the Industrial Edge Ecosystem. Especially, those in the field of automation.”

In addition, Brehm said a larger selection increases flexibility for their customers, who can build individual IoT solutions from Siemens and partner modules. Thus, creating the greatest value for our customers when we work together across company boundaries.”

Analyzing data

Festo launched its Industrial Intelligence portfolio with the Festo AX Data Access connectivity solution, which feeds data from Festo components into Siemens Industrial Edge to supply analysis applications with data. Customers can build a monitoring solution based on the data and thereby improve maintenance processes, lower their energy consumption, and improve quality. Additional industrial apps from Festo are expected to be available on Siemens Industrial Edge, such as AI-based wear prediction for pneumatic drives.

Self-service solution improves flexibility

Festo AX Industrial apps like AX Data Access are building blocks that can complement other applications from Festo, Siemens. In addition, they can also go well with other third parties to form larger solutions. They enable production employees to independently build digital solutions for optimizing productivity.

The partnership allows Festo and Siemens to support their customers on the path to becoming more sustainable, more flexible, and highly efficient.