Evolve Additive Solutions Launches New Parts Production Service

Evolve Additive Solutions, a provider of industrial 3D printing solutions, has announced at Formnext the commercial launch of its all-new parts production service, STEP Parts Now, as well as an expansion of its materials portfolio.

STEP Parts Now

Meeting production demand, along with Evolve’s drive to broaden access to its Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP™) technology, spurred the creation of the new parts production service. STEP is the only additive manufacturing (AM) process in the market today that can deliver on the fidelity, surface finish, accuracy, and material properties required to reliably and repeatably print end-use parts at scale.

Customers can now quote and order STEP parts directly from Evolve through the STEP Parts Now e-commerce portal.

ABS check valves

Specifically, STEP Parts Now complements part ordering availability through Evolve’s strategic partners and their STEP production centers – Fathom Digital Manufacturing based in the U.S., and alphacam Gmbh based in Germany. Customers now have additional options in their pursuit of additive manufactured parts from prototype through production.

“What we are launching with STEP Parts Now is much more than parts as a service,” said Jeff Hanson, Evolve’s Senior Vice President of Go-to-Market. “We are increasing accessibility to a newly identified additive manufacturing technology category that finally delivers on past industry promises of materials, features, and scalability by additive manufacturing for true production.”

Expanded Materials Portfolio

In addition to its launch of STEP Parts Now, Evolve has announced the commercial availability of two new materials in its portfolio: Nylon PA-11(A) and Gray ABS.

Particularly, Evolve’s PA-11(A) for STEP offers significant mechanical performance advantages over powder bed fusion PA-11. Qualities including a superior elongation at break, higher impact strength, and a higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) make Evolve’s PA-11(A) parts usable in more demanding production applications.

Meanwhile, the new Gray ABS material complements Evolve’s existing Black ABS and exhibits mechanical properties within 10% of bulk injection molded ABS. Additionally, it exhibits impressive structural color contrast for fine features and textures.

Evolve is showcasing its STEP Parts Now and new material offerings this week at Formnext in hall 12.1 at booth B-89. Full details will be available from the Evolve team including Jeff Blank, President, and COO; Jeff Hanson, SVP of Go-to-Market; and Melissa Hanson, VP Marketing at a press conference to be held on-site at Formnext today, November 8, 14:00-15:00 in the Portalhaus, Level C, Room Prisma.